The simple things

Another class is finished and another has begun. I am down to 4 courses left until I graduate. I honestly can’t believe it. It has been a long time on this road and I am so happy to proceeding in the direction I am going. But you guys honestly don’t want to hear about my school times…..

Here are a few of my favorite things!





Hair: Rebel – Truth

Skin: Emma (in peche) – Essences

Lipstick: Plumped Up Lips – Pink Acid

Top: Low Cut Thermal Tee – 1 Hundred

Bottom: Zia Denim – Cynful

Prop: Blind – Glitterati

Poses: {halt} – .mien.


Punk rock baby!!

I love putting outfits together, and this one was equally as fun as my others. Okay, it may have been a lot more fun than usual. I don’t think I have done a look like this in a while. I may have to do some more posts in this style!! Enjoy!


Hair: Yume – [taketomi]

Skin: Rika – CandyDoll

Eyes: Hypno Eyes – The Stringer Masoleum (for The Thrift Shop event)

Lipstick: Pom Pom Lip Shine V2 – Pink Acid

Tattoo: Infinity Tattoo – [Atooly]

Outfit: Bodysuit and Gothique Lace Tutu – The Stringer Masoleum (for The Thrift Shop event)

Shoes: Pumped Up Kicks – Pink Acid

Poses: Model Poses 34 – Glitterati

Hoodrat days

Gosh, when it rains I feel like I want to hide out and never show my face again. This weather is super delusional. I would love for the sun to just stay out and be hot all the time. If it’s going to rain, then it needs to rain at night, when I am sleeping, haha. The days when it rains, I need comfortable clothing. And here it is!


Hair: Sylvie – /Wasabi Pills/

Skin: Wednesday II (Moonlight tone) – Essences

Eyes: Lovers eye (Husky) – [the skinnery]

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Shape: Potira – *ANNA SHAPES*

Top: Wings Hoodie! – cheeky

Bottom: Daisy Mini – [Miseria]

Shoes: F-Wings – 2Real

Poses: Model Pack 31 – Glitterati

Hot Bishes!!

I always enjoy a good time with my SL friends. It’s even better when I can just chill with my SL co-workers. We all work together for Seraphim, I am quite sure you all have heard of it right? *winks* It’s bikini season and of course we had to show off our toned bodies! Check out my friend’s blogs for their credits: Dani, Lashae, Vix, & Eshe. Look below for pic by Dani and my credits (I am on the left hand side).


Hair: Lory – /Wasabi Pills/ (Available at the Arcade Gacha Event)

Skin: Ginny in Europa 03 – Glam Affair

Eyes: Lovers eye in Husky – [the Skinnery]

Bikini: Ruffly Kini –  Paper.Doll (Available at the Arcade Gacha Event)

Feet: Barefeet Arched – [Gos] Boutique

Pose: Girlband – Glitterati

I got a few pet peeves….do you?

So I was looking across a few blogs and saw that there was another of Strawberry Singh’s meme’s going around. This one has to do with some of your SL Pet Peeves. I could probably go on and on about my pet peeves but we are to name only five. (Leave the hateful comments aside, this isn’t a ranty post.)

petpeeveSL Pet Peeve’s:

  1. Random teleports & random group invites: I don’t know how many times I have asked people NOT to randomly send me a teleport. If you asked me to come join you at a party/club you would probably have a higher chance of seeing me instead of me just declining the TP or completely muting the request. As for the group invites, I would prefer not getting random ones unless asked first or if I asked YOU for the group invite.
  2. Looking at me as if I am a child avi: I at one point did have a tall, statuesque shape because I was an SL model. I don’t have a shape like that anymore. Why? Because I would rather be shorter. This doesn’t mean that I am a child avi, please don’t treat me as one. My choice to be who I am on SL, let me live my SL life how I want. 🙂
  3. People who only want SLex: I will make this short and sweet: I am not into SL sex now and never have been. Case closed.
  4. Morphs: I will agree with Strawberry Singh on this one. But it may be for different reasons. I just don’t like how phony these pictures look. I also see it from a RL perspective since I am a photographer in RL. It is just too manipulated and it irks me that they are so popular. But to each his own right?
  5. 5. Gesture Whores: This may sound a bit hypocritical because I love a good game of gesture spam but only when I am with my friends. What I mean by gesture whoring is when you are at a store trying to buy something and all of a sudden your local chat is blown up by all these gestures. It’s not fun and very distracting. I have taken to TRYING to ignore local chat but it’s hard. Like I said, I do like a good gesture spam game with my friends, but that is either at my home or theirs.

Worn in picture:

Hair: Salome – LeLutka

Skin: Lana (in Sunkissed) – Glance Skins

Top: Duveteux Rayonnant – *BOOM*

Bottom: Mesh Libby Latex Skirt – Sn@tch

Prop: Curtains – Glitterati

I’ve been framed!!

Oh my lovelies!!! How have you been? Well, I am much much better now. I got sick with I don’t know what and I was not able to even get out of bed. It was horrible! But I am doing a lot better now thank goodness. And guess what that means? I get to blog for you again and show you lovely yummyness! I hope you love it!


Hair: Chynna – Truth

Skin: Hope – the skinnery (available at Skin Fair)

Eyeshadow: Fairy Magic Eyeshadow – Pink Acid

Lipstick: Camille Lips & Teeth – Pink Acid

Dress: Crosslace dress – HighRize (available at Fi*Fridays)

Shoes: Angelina Peeptoe – [Gos] Boutique

Prop: In the Picture – Glitterati

Relax mode

So over the weekend, the city I live in got over 25.5 inches of snow. When it was falling it was beautiful. Now it looks like nasty slush. Haha. I only like the snow when it falls. I am weird I know.

Sorry I didn’t post on the weekend. I caught up on a bit of reading. (Yeah I like to read, it’s one of my hobbies.) I also played in the snow. My fingers were frozen!!





Hair: Love My Way – Clawtooth (at Collabor88)

Flowers: Queen of Roses – Glam Affair (at FaMESHed)

Skin: Dakota – MONS

Lipstick: Juanita Lips – Pink Acid (available at Fi*Friday)

Top: Bandages Tee – Sn@tch

Bottom: Norfolk Tweeds – BOOM

Shoes: Botina Boots – CandyDoll

Prop: Curtains – Glitterati