Feeling a little blue?

Hi everyone my name is Haddazah Meridoc and starting today i would be sharing this blog with my sisters Liane and Color.  Since this is my first time blogging i decided to start with one of  my favorite outfits. I got it not long ago from Pink Outfitters and i love it  looks super hot. Hope you guys like it.


Hair:  Rayne –  reds >Truth<

Skin:  Eva- Med tan – 12 >Glam Affair<

Outfit: Drina Jumpsuit – ocean waves  >Pink Outfitters<

Shoes: Jaxon Wedge -Turquoise >Republic<


My Final Bow

So I dunno if you all have heard of Hooligan Streetwear…….or even Black Friday? Well, Hooligan Streetwear has some pretty awesome grunge clothing. And Black Friday….well it’s an event weekly where the clothing being sold is Black. Duh! Haha. This outfit is out at the Hooligan Streetwear main store. And its only 80L should be only until tonight but I am sure it will still be this awesome price tomorrow! Go get it like nao!!!


Hair: Porcelain – Magika

Skin: Sia – League

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Eyes: Love Puppet – Evol

Entire Outfit: Final Bow – Hooligan Streetwear (Includes shoes and piercings as well.)

Poses: Don’t Freak Out

Sale at Pink Outfitters

So I went into Pink Outfitters to go shopping. (This is one of my other fave stores in SL.) I have been going a couple times this week actually. I just can’t seem to get away from the sales. But the main reason of this post is to let you know of the sale going on there. 50L for clothing? Come on how can you even resist that! And the fatpacks are lowered accordingly as well. But what sold me the most was walking in to see store owner and designer London Dailey. She was setting up more newness…..but get this……we were wearing the same exact outfit!!!! No we didn’t send each other IMs to find out what each was wearing. It was just like that, I walk in to see I am wearing the same exact thing! I love it haha.

Here is the store ad displaying all the info:

And here is a photo of London and I:

We are both wearing:

Tops: Liv Sequin Tank – Pink Outfitters

Bottoms: Venetia Leggings – Pink Outfitters.

(Both items are located upstairs in the New Release wall)

Shore Line Lace

I can’t stop once I begin. It’s really a bad habit. Haha. So I have some more goodies of course. Here is a cute little number from Grixdale. I have paired it with new R.icielli shoes, Baby’s Got A Temper skin, Truth hair, and A.D.D. Andel eyes.

This Grixdale lingerie is too cute. Comes in a few color options: Butter Cream, Doll Pink, Olive u, Smog, and Sparrow. Shown in the pics is Sparrow. I really do like this set. Makes me want to jump into my bed and snuggle with the wifey. The Truth hair I believe is going to be one of my faves for a while. The soft tendrils falling around my face, that’s what sold me. The skin I am wearing is named Liane and is coming soon to Baby’s Got A Temper. It’s a simple base skin that you can add makeup layers as you wish. I kept it simple here so you could see how pretty she is. The A.D.D. Andel eyes I have blogged before but I just love the eyes so much I can’t take them off. And the R.icielli shoes are new at The Dressing Room. Three different color options in the one pack. Also, the poses are from Martyr. Runi Jinx took a slight hiatus from SL but is back now.


Hair: Pia – Truth

Skin: Liane (Tone 4) – Baby’s Got A Temper (this skin line is coming soon)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Eyes: Love Affair – A.D.D. Andel

Outfit: Shore Line Lace – Grixdale

Shoes: Sophia – R.icielli

Poses: Dance the Way I Feel & Je Suis Le Vent sets – Martyr

Blue Blood – Adele

I am slowly trying to get back into blogging again. It’s a passion of mine so I don’t want to ever stop. I was going through my review items and saw I had the Adele outfit that I had yet to blog. It comes in several colors: Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal. I chose to display Black, even though Pink is one of my fave colors haha.


Hair: BabyDoll – Truth (Project Fur Japan Item)

Skin: Sakura – Glam Affair (The Dressing Room previous item)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Eyes: Love Affair – A.D.D. Andel!

Outfit: Adele – Blue Blood

Shoes: Obey Boots – Insanya

Poses: Paparazzi Set – Glow (The Dressing Room previous item)

Chic Boutique Items

Here we are at another turn of Chic Boutique. I am sure you will enjoy what has been put out this time around. Enjoy! (I may post another one later this evening with another outfit from Chic Boutique)


Hair: Jade – Curio (I got this at hair fair last year. Not sure if it’s available in store. And this isn’t the same Curio as the skin store just to make it clear.)

Skin: Luv Me – My UglyDorothy

Lips: Kiss & Tell Lipgloss (honeysuckle shown) – Fright (Chic Boutique item)

Dress: Coco – Garage (Chic Boutique item)

Bracelets: Inka – JD Designs (Chic Boutique item)

Booties: Diva – Divine (Chic Boutique item)

Poses: Model Set 2 – Glitterati (in photo 3)

Photoble: Rouge Getaway – Mudhoney

Playing in the Field

Well here is one of the many posts that I will be playing catch up with. I have had this outfit on for almost a week now. Just waiting for me to blog it. But since I was sick I couldn’t and I feel bad. I know being sick is nothing to feel bad about but when you have obligations it makes you feel bad you know? I paired this super cute outfit from FA Creations with Elikatira hair that is on sale….at her secret sale that lasts until April 26th. And I am also wearing Filthy skin. (No it’s not really filthy…it’s the name of the store silly!!)

Onwards with the pics!


Hair: Me – Elikatira (It’s on sale so get it!!)

Skin: Annabelle – Filthy

Eyes: Love Affair – A.D.D. Andel!

Outfit: Endless Cute – FA Creations (Entire outfit including shoes and jewelry.)

Poses: Exposeur