Missing you

There is always that one person that you can confide in and hold close. (I am lucky to have more than one in my life.) This girl here I have been missing for a while. I call her my sisser both in SL and RL. We are not blood related but we are very close. She hasn’t had a computer in months and now that she does I feel a bit more at ease knowing that she is closer. It’s hard for me that a lot of my RL friends live in a different area than myself. She lives in Chile, so very far away from me. So Hadda, this is to you. I have missed you dearly and am so glad that I get to see you again. Love you!




On Liane:

Hair: Gaia – Truth

Skin: Elvi – Glam Affair

Top: Tallulah Lace Corset – Sn@tch

Bottom: Skin Tight Skirt – Sn@tch

Shoes: Marilyn Sandals – [Gos] Boutique

Pose: Trust me? – Atooly

On Hadda:

Hair: Dove – Truth

Skin: Mimi – Al Vulo

Necklace: Over The Moon Necklace – [Magic Nook]

Outfit: Socialite – Sn@tch

Shoes: Sophia – [Gos] Boutique


I got a few pet peeves….do you?

So I was looking across a few blogs and saw that there was another of Strawberry Singh’s meme’s going around. This one has to do with some of your SL Pet Peeves. I could probably go on and on about my pet peeves but we are to name only five. (Leave the hateful comments aside, this isn’t a ranty post.)

petpeeveSL Pet Peeve’s:

  1. Random teleports & random group invites: I don’t know how many times I have asked people NOT to randomly send me a teleport. If you asked me to come join you at a party/club you would probably have a higher chance of seeing me instead of me just declining the TP or completely muting the request. As for the group invites, I would prefer not getting random ones unless asked first or if I asked YOU for the group invite.
  2. Looking at me as if I am a child avi: I at one point did have a tall, statuesque shape because I was an SL model. I don’t have a shape like that anymore. Why? Because I would rather be shorter. This doesn’t mean that I am a child avi, please don’t treat me as one. My choice to be who I am on SL, let me live my SL life how I want. 🙂
  3. People who only want SLex: I will make this short and sweet: I am not into SL sex now and never have been. Case closed.
  4. Morphs: I will agree with Strawberry Singh on this one. But it may be for different reasons. I just don’t like how phony these pictures look. I also see it from a RL perspective since I am a photographer in RL. It is just too manipulated and it irks me that they are so popular. But to each his own right?
  5. 5. Gesture Whores: This may sound a bit hypocritical because I love a good game of gesture spam but only when I am with my friends. What I mean by gesture whoring is when you are at a store trying to buy something and all of a sudden your local chat is blown up by all these gestures. It’s not fun and very distracting. I have taken to TRYING to ignore local chat but it’s hard. Like I said, I do like a good gesture spam game with my friends, but that is either at my home or theirs.

Worn in picture:

Hair: Salome – LeLutka

Skin: Lana (in Sunkissed) – Glance Skins

Top: Duveteux Rayonnant – *BOOM*

Bottom: Mesh Libby Latex Skirt – Sn@tch

Prop: Curtains – Glitterati

Little ole me.

Wow, I had such a crazy weekend. I mean, work, homework, and then a headache that turned into a migraine. Was so not fun. I had to log in and put some yummy goodness together and make me look so cuties!

Have you been to Skin Fair yet? You just have to go. Soooo much cutie stuff. I will be blogging it a lot over the next few days I hope. And I am hoping you will for sure enjoy it.

First up is The Sugar Garden’s Hope skin that you can find at Skin Fair. She is so precious! I just love how sweet she looks. Smooth and playful. Enjoy!!!


Hair: Cheyenne – Truth

Skin: Hope (in D Tone) – The Sugar Garden (available at Skin Fair 2013)

Eyes: Shine v2 (Colorful/Indigo) – Insufferable Dastard

Outfit: After the Rodeo – Sn@tch

Shoes: Alexa Wedges – Maitreya

Our look today

It’s always a fun day with me and my sister. Take a look at what we have to offer today!






On Hadda (Right):

Hair: Sierra – Truth

Skin: Amberly – America 02 – Glam Affair

Shape: Colbi – HappyFace

Eyes: Brooding – Insufferable Dastard

Top: Baseball Tee and Short Set (with Lola Tango Applier) BOOM (at TDR Fusion)

Bottom: Good Times (pants 5) – Ninia (at Fi*Fridays)

Shoes: Havana – Balkanik 2.0

On Liane (Left)

Hair: Salome – LeLutka

Skin: Byuri – the Skinnery

Eyelashes: Night Beauty – Pink Acid (available at XYRoom)

Lipstick: Plumped Lippy V2 – Pink Acid (available at XYRoom)

Tattoo: Runes (Bow) – Vestigium

Top: Soft Swerve – BOOM

Bottom: Savage Mini – Sn@tch

Shoes: Marylin – [Gos] Boutique

Relax mode

So over the weekend, the city I live in got over 25.5 inches of snow. When it was falling it was beautiful. Now it looks like nasty slush. Haha. I only like the snow when it falls. I am weird I know.

Sorry I didn’t post on the weekend. I caught up on a bit of reading. (Yeah I like to read, it’s one of my hobbies.) I also played in the snow. My fingers were frozen!!





Hair: Love My Way – Clawtooth (at Collabor88)

Flowers: Queen of Roses – Glam Affair (at FaMESHed)

Skin: Dakota – MONS

Lipstick: Juanita Lips – Pink Acid (available at Fi*Friday)

Top: Bandages Tee – Sn@tch

Bottom: Norfolk Tweeds – BOOM

Shoes: Botina Boots – CandyDoll

Prop: Curtains – Glitterati

It’s a hoot!

I love when I look through my inventory and find things I haven’t blogged before. Some of this is new and some is old but I made it all work together. Enjoy!!





Hair: momo – LaViere

Eyes: Magdalena Lenses – Chus!

Skin: India (05 Tan) – the body co

Lip Gloss: Shiny Lip Gloss – Pink Acid (available at Fi*Fridays)

Hat: Owl Cap – AD Creations

Necklace: Black Eye Necklace – [glow] Studio

Nipple tape (Duct tape set) – League

Top: Passion of the Corset – Sn@tch

Bottoms: Leather Mermaid Scale Leggings – Pink Acid

Prop: Cubed – Glitterati

I´m Baaaack…

I had a lovely vacation with my family. But coming back home was a horrible trip, I felt like I was about to die after riding a bus for 15 hours and then the ferry for 5. I was so tired when I got home Sunday night. But enough about that and let me show you this outfit I put together, its to die for lol.


Horns: *~*Cernwn Horns: From *~*Illusions*~*

Hair: ( r e d ) M i n t ~ gG 02’12(Hair No.20) Lucky chair

Eyes: A.D.D.Andel! Aurora Eyes-Cosmic-Feline

Piercings: – .HoD. – Scorpio Piercing Collection – WITH NEW COLORS!

Tongue: ..::Beauty Killer::.. Flesh Game Item #2/( Eyeball Tongue – Blue #1) old item

Wings: *~*Chibi Demon Wings: Copy from *~*Illusions*~*

Skin: Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Jamaica – Tesea (the dressing room)

Shape: :: Happy.Face :: Colbi Shape

Tatts: -UtopiaH- Disturbed Tribal Tattoo (fi.Friday)

.:::: dEVOL ::::. Evil Tribal Tattoo *this is the blood and wounds on my neck and arms*

REPULSE – Psycho Stomach Wound Tatto

Corset:  Sn@tch Satine Sp Edition (Grape)

Leggings: Sn@tch Voodoo Lolli

Boots: drd lazy heel purple (box) from *Death row Designs *

URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enyo/77/212/4003