Poppycock is a celebration of Tattoo art on both skin and canvas. Tattoo artists in Secondlife don’t get nearly enough recognition. Of course there are some people out there who just paste a picture onto some skin and call it a tattoo but there are some truly beautiful tattoos out there and the designs from Imperio Designs are amazing. I have three here to show you.

This one I think is really unique I don’t see white tattoos very often, it looks great on all the skin colors I tried with it, I just figured my black skin would help you to see it the best.

The symbols on this tattoo looked demonesque to me so I thought it only appropriate to throw on some horns. I really like the back on this one.

This one is my fave fave fave. I’m sure I won’t be taking it off for a while. I love how it comes down the legs just slightly and looks like its curving to hug my curves.

The ads for these tattoos at Poppycock show that they look great on both guys and girls. Head over to Poppycock to take a look or listen to the DJ’s!

Pic 1:
Tattoo: [.I.D.] Hour of the Wytch Tattoo
Skin: Neko Elements- Female Black Jaguar – Valentines Red Skin
Hair: Magika – Zoey – Black B

Pic 2 set:
Tattoo: [.I.D.] Arcana Tattoo
Skin: Violent Seduction – Lingerie Masquerade Skin
Horns: .{Rue}. Horn’d/Hunter: Primal

Pic 3 set:
Tattoo: [.I.D.] Muse Tattoo
Skin: Silenced- Kayla Skin Dolled Up Ivory
Hair: >TRUTH< Roxana – latte


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