Liane Boomhauer

Hi there! The name is Liane Boomhauer. I started this blog back in November of 2010. Since then I have grown tremendously with what I do here. When I started, it was mostly to show my photography and my favorite outfits. Now I get to blog outfits from some great designers and enjoy every minute of it!

Designers I blog for:

  • Hooligan Streetwear
  • *BOOM*
  • Virtual/Insanity
  • Somnia
  • LolaPop
  • CandyDoll
  • .evolve.
  • Atooly
  • TSG (The Sugar Garden)
  • Vestigium
  • :cheeky:
  • Pink Acid
  • The Review Collective
  • We Love To Blog (an assortment of stores)
  • Filthy

I am also syndicated with several feeds. I remember when I was only syndicated with 1 or 2 feeds. I want to say thank you for syndicating me and letting me share what I love best.

SL Feeds I am syndicated with:

You can also find some of my posts here as well:


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