In a damper no more

So the last week has been super eventful for me. I had finals for both of my classes (I passed both of them with a B), we had Hurricane Sandy pass by here yesterday (the most we got is some flickering lights and a fallen down light post), and I began a new class yesterday. I haven’t really posted as much as I would like and I am sorry for that. But I have here a new outfit from : S U G A R : that I do hope you all enjoy. Muahh!


Hair: Silent Wings – Exile

Skin: Orchid – the body co.

Piercing: Bitten – haus of darcy

Eyes: Reflections – Insufferable Dastard

Outfit: Damper – : S U G A R :


Give the puppeteer my strings to play

I kind of felt like I was up in strings…was it a dream or was it real? I am not sure but when I woke up….I was suspended in mid air!


Hair: Diana – Burley

Headpiece: Ossario – La Malvada Mujer

Eyes: Naamah – MONS

Skin: Secret Garden (Gotik) – KOOQLA

Top: Bra Tank Top (Halloween version) – : S U G A R :

Bottom: Skinny Cuff Jeans – cheeky

Shoes: Obey – Diktator

Prop: The Puppeteer – evolve

Who Says I Have to Grow Up?

Not me ๐Ÿ˜› I’ll keep getting smaller and smaller if I have too. Check out this new mesh body **Cute Bytes** recently came out with.

**Note: The mesh body does not include the head! The head is YOUR OWN SHAPE. Modify it to fit the body ๐Ÿ™‚


Hair: *Dura-Girl*40(Sienna)

Outfit: :T4S: Giraffe Sweater + outfit

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.LENE(LB)

Shape: *oh Daisies* Carli Shape

Eyes: .ID. Brooding / Light Blue

Mesh Body: **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.2.0 – BabyGirl


Getting ready for the night

It always feels nice to dress up, but always better to feel like a princess!!! I had fun putting this outfit together and there really was no hesitation doing so. Enjoy!!


Hair: Boys&Girls*35 – Dura

Crown: Fake Plastic Crown – LaViere

Skin: Bomi – Mother Goose

Tattoo: Flourished – Vestigium

Dress: Lady Dress – cheeky

Shoes: Vintage Flower Violet – Retro’

Undead Perfection

I love Halloween time because of all the different characters I can play. Have you all heard of Cinema yet? It’s such a cool place. Big ole movie theater, and lots of shopping to do. If you haven’t gone yet, you should. The outfit I have on is from Pididdle and they are at Cinema.


Skin: Naamah – MONS (Cinema event)

Shape: Bomi – L’Art Du Corps

Outfit: Undead Perfection – Pididdle (Cinema event)

Shoes: Dolce Heels – Candy Doll

In these eyes of mine…

I don’t really know what to say. I am home today when I should have been at work (my son is sick unfortunately) and I should be doing homework but don’t want to. So guess what? I blog!!! I blog for you and you will like it!



Hair: Krima – 99 Elephants

Skin: Shyla – Candy Doll (Available at Cinema event)

Shape: Bomi – L’Art Du Corps

Tattoo: Henna – Vestigium (Available at The Closet)

Top: Short Tube Top – cheeky (Gacha machine)

Bottom: Chevron jeans – evolve

Listen to the siren’s call

I am not a woman of many words tonight. I think it’s because my two school courses have me writing too many words. So I will leave you with these pictures…kkthxbai!





Hair: Wildflower – Clawtooth

Skin: Abbey – Mother Goose

Tattoo: Koi Skull – Vestigium

Top: Siren’s Lust Corset – : S u g a r :

Bottom: Folklore Leggings – League

Shoes: Ute – Baiastice