Is this for real?

I have literally been trying to log into SL for at least a solid week. I have been crashing basically every few minutes when I have managed to log in. I logged in last night and things seemed to be okay so I thought I could get a blog post in. As soon as I tried to enable shadows my whole screen would freeze and then I would crash. The same happened at least 5 more times after that. I was very upset and gave up rather quickly. I log on today and thought maybe it would work but it happened again. I am posting with no shadows and that makes me have a sad. What are some viewers that you all try? I think it may be time for me to try a new one. Maybe a suggestion that is Mac friendly? Thanks in advance!!


Hair: Denee – Truth

Skin: The Skin Shop (Fit Body & Pussy Face)

Dress: Summer Dress – tsg


I love by best frand

There aren’t many people on SL that I can say are close to me (or that I am close to for that matter) but this one girl, she holds my heart for sure. She knows when to make me laugh, we can talk about the most random stuff ever and it makes sense to us, and she is just THERE for me. I luff you Dani. (Click the link to see her credits. You can see mine below!)


Hair: Lotus – Truth

Ears: MissieMouse_5 – [(B)Collective]

Eyes: Lovers eye (in Husky) – [theSkinnery]

Skin (for the face): Pussy (tone 10) – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Skin (for the body): Fit body (tone 10) – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Lipstick: Kiss – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Top: Ela Tank – cheeky

Bottom: Tutu Skirt – cheeky

Shoes: BlashGrey&Pinkdirt – BLK 2.0

Emerald woman

If there is one shade of green that I love, it is emerald. (Okay, I fibbed there….I also love mint green.) So I incorporated a few emerald pieces within my outfit today. I went with a sexy/relaxed feel. What do you think?


Hair: Scarlet – LeLutka

Headpiece: Emeraude Dream Headband – A&Ana Fashion Jewellery (available at TDR Fusion)

Skin: Opera Summertime 02 – Essences (available at TDR Fusion)

Top: Structured Blazer – The Secret Store

Bottom: Leather Skirt – CandyDoll

Shoes: Studded Moccasins – ::RA::

Me want cookies!!!

So this course I have been taking for school in RL is taking up all my time. I hate it, so much. It’s called Introduction to Photojournalism. The type of assignments I have had are just not interesting to me at all. Thankfully, the course ends on Wednesday, and I am hoping that the next course I will have a bit more time on my hands. I feel like crap that I haven’t been able to blog several times a week. I feel weird blogging just weekly. I can’t wait for it to pick up again! But, here is what I have for you!


Hair: Chaka – Iconic

Skin: Layla Natural (in Coffe) – CandyDoll

Top: Summery Tank Top – Pink Acid

Bottom: Zia Skirt – cheeky

Tights: Ripped Stockings – erratic

Shoes: Gabilo – Kookie