what’s your biggest folder?

I been thinking that I might have to walk around sl naked. Since my skin folder is bigger than any other folder in my invetory. Most of the times I know what skin I want to wear. But is  harder to choose an outfit. (Thats what i always say so I can go buy  more stuff <.< LOL). But anyways after I got some clothes on, I ran to the skin fair and got me a new skin from Essences. And all I can say is that I’m in love with it!

And now  some pictures.



Hair: >TRUTH< Lacey –  black & whites

Eyes:.ID. MESH Eyes / Brooding / Light Blue (Insufferable Dastard)

Skin: Essences ~ Clover 05 *sunkissed*

Shape: ::Happy.face:: Colbi shape

Jumsuit:  Auxiliary – Ombre – VIP (gift)


3 thoughts on “what’s your biggest folder?

  1. Definitely an easy answer for me, my biggest folder is my skin folder. It is so much easier for me to build an outfit around my skin than to be able to pick an outfit first. I also will delete other items than delete my skins. It’s too hard for me to get rid of them!!

  2. Ii have a lot on my objects folder too but i usually try to open something and delete it. I think it would go 1. Skins, 2. Hairs, 3. Shoes and 4. objects. And yes Sis is super hard to delete anything specially when you like it a lot.

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