Only you can make me feel this way

Man, I love the summer and the heat but today seriously cut the cake! I had all the fans and the a/c going. And no relief was in sight for me until the big thunder and lightning storm. It cooled off considerably after that. And boy was I grateful!

But enough about the weather. I know that is not why you came by! On with the show!

The Kollective recently opened on June 22nd and will close on July 20th. Why not hop on over and see what they have in store for you?


Hair: Reena – [Burley]

Skin: Cassiopia – Glam Affair

Outfit (including shoes): Summer Flowers – ~Shadow Moon~ (available at The Kollective)

Shape: Lanna – *Anna Shapes* (available at The Kollective)

Poses: Seraphim Turns Two – Flash Friendly Poses (available at Seraphim HQ)


SL Movie Poster Meme

So I decided to go along and do the Strawberry Singh SL movie poster meme. It was hard for me to decide on which movie to choose because I love wayyyy too many movie’s. The first one I had thought of was The Love Guru, in which I would have named it The Liane Guru. When I looked at the movie ad, I saw they had the main actor with a beard. I mean, I would have worn the mustache no problem but I didn’t feel comfy in a beard lol. Then I thought, “Why not a scary movie?” I hadn’t seen too many scary movies posters. So I have decided on the movie Let Me In. (This poster ad was created by someone on deviantart) I have renamed it Let Liane In. I hope you all enjoy it.


Hair: Sierra – Truth

Skin: Jeanette – [Slutcookie] (from and old Project Themeory event)

Eyes: Tortured – Insufferable Dastard

Tears: Mascara Tears – Izzie’s

Lipstick: Red Lipstain – The Sugar Garden

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Top: Tucked Tee – tres blah

And it goes on and on….

I have this song stuck in my head. It’s by f/Britney Spears. I love it. Maybe you have heard it before? It’s called Scream and Shout. (You’re welcome for giving you music to the brain! Haha!!!) *dances away*


Hair: Ana – [taketomi]

Eyes: Hypno – The Stringer Masoleum (The Thrift Shop event)

Skin: Rika – CandyDoll

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Lips: Pom Pom Lip Shine V2 – Pink Acid

Top: Summer Nights Tube Top – Pink Acid

Bottom: Tiffeny Skirt! – cheeky

Shoes: Lealani – [[KBF]]

Poses: Carrie – label motion

Punk rock baby!!

I love putting outfits together, and this one was equally as fun as my others. Okay, it may have been a lot more fun than usual. I don’t think I have done a look like this in a while. I may have to do some more posts in this style!! Enjoy!


Hair: Yume – [taketomi]

Skin: Rika – CandyDoll

Eyes: Hypno Eyes – The Stringer Masoleum (for The Thrift Shop event)

Lipstick: Pom Pom Lip Shine V2 – Pink Acid

Tattoo: Infinity Tattoo – [Atooly]

Outfit: Bodysuit and Gothique Lace Tutu – The Stringer Masoleum (for The Thrift Shop event)

Shoes: Pumped Up Kicks – Pink Acid

Poses: Model Poses 34 – Glitterati

Hoodrat days

Gosh, when it rains I feel like I want to hide out and never show my face again. This weather is super delusional. I would love for the sun to just stay out and be hot all the time. If it’s going to rain, then it needs to rain at night, when I am sleeping, haha. The days when it rains, I need comfortable clothing. And here it is!


Hair: Sylvie – /Wasabi Pills/

Skin: Wednesday II (Moonlight tone) – Essences

Eyes: Lovers eye (Husky) – [the skinnery]

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Shape: Potira – *ANNA SHAPES*

Top: Wings Hoodie! – cheeky

Bottom: Daisy Mini – [Miseria]

Shoes: F-Wings – 2Real

Poses: Model Pack 31 – Glitterati

Locked in here…no way out

Sometimes I feel like my brain is trying to tell me to stay within its confined space. To let all my thoughts stay trapped up and let my imagination roll. I like to listen to my brain at times, it keeps me out of trouble……sometimes anyway.


Hair: Bad Reputation – Exile (New!!)

Skin: Wednesday II (in Moonlight Tone) – Essences (New!!)

Top: Anna Half Shirt – cheeky

Bottom: Minka Mini Ruffle – BOOM

Shoes: Sexy Me Heels – **

Prop: Padded Cell – !bang

Hot Bishes!!

I always enjoy a good time with my SL friends. It’s even better when I can just chill with my SL co-workers. We all work together for Seraphim, I am quite sure you all have heard of it right? *winks* It’s bikini season and of course we had to show off our toned bodies! Check out my friend’s blogs for their credits: Dani, Lashae, Vix, & Eshe. Look below for pic by Dani and my credits (I am on the left hand side).


Hair: Lory – /Wasabi Pills/ (Available at the Arcade Gacha Event)

Skin: Ginny in Europa 03 – Glam Affair

Eyes: Lovers eye in Husky – [the Skinnery]

Bikini: Ruffly Kini –  Paper.Doll (Available at the Arcade Gacha Event)

Feet: Barefeet Arched – [Gos] Boutique

Pose: Girlband – Glitterati