Just when you thought it was over….

Hey everyone. I know it has been quite some time since I have blogged. I do apologize. A lot of things going on and RL has taken over precedence. Just know that I will be making a bigger attempt to blog more often. I have missed keeping up with the SL world. Here are a few of my recent finds!




Hair: Maiko – Truth

Skin: Aria (Asia tone) – Glam Affair (Available at The Arcade Gacha)

Outfit: Jumpsuit – (fd) (Available at Collabor88 – only a couple more days!!)

Poses: ramble – mien


The simple things

Another class is finished and another has begun. I am down to 4 courses left until I graduate. I honestly can’t believe it. It has been a long time on this road and I am so happy to proceeding in the direction I am going. But you guys honestly don’t want to hear about my school times…..

Here are a few of my favorite things!





Hair: Rebel – Truth

Skin: Emma (in peche) – Essences

Lipstick: Plumped Up Lips – Pink Acid

Top: Low Cut Thermal Tee – 1 Hundred

Bottom: Zia Denim – Cynful

Prop: Blind – Glitterati

Poses: {halt} – .mien.

Missing you

There is always that one person that you can confide in and hold close. (I am lucky to have more than one in my life.) This girl here I have been missing for a while. I call her my sisser both in SL and RL. We are not blood related but we are very close. She hasn’t had a computer in months and now that she does I feel a bit more at ease knowing that she is closer. It’s hard for me that a lot of my RL friends live in a different area than myself. She lives in Chile, so very far away from me. So Hadda, this is to you. I have missed you dearly and am so glad that I get to see you again. Love you!




On Liane:

Hair: Gaia – Truth

Skin: Elvi – Glam Affair

Top: Tallulah Lace Corset – Sn@tch

Bottom: Skin Tight Skirt – Sn@tch

Shoes: Marilyn Sandals – [Gos] Boutique

Pose: Trust me? – Atooly

On Hadda:

Hair: Dove – Truth

Skin: Mimi – Al Vulo

Necklace: Over The Moon Necklace – [Magic Nook]

Outfit: Socialite – Sn@tch

Shoes: Sophia – [Gos] Boutique

SL Movie Poster Meme

So I decided to go along and do the Strawberry Singh SL movie poster meme. It was hard for me to decide on which movie to choose because I love wayyyy too many movie’s. The first one I had thought of was The Love Guru, in which I would have named it The Liane Guru. When I looked at the movie ad, I saw they had the main actor with a beard. I mean, I would have worn the mustache no problem but I didn’t feel comfy in a beard lol. Then I thought, “Why not a scary movie?” I hadn’t seen too many scary movies posters. So I have decided on the movie Let Me In. (This poster ad was created by someone on deviantart) I have renamed it Let Liane In. I hope you all enjoy it.


Hair: Sierra – Truth

Skin: Jeanette – [Slutcookie] (from and old Project Themeory event)

Eyes: Tortured – Insufferable Dastard

Tears: Mascara Tears – Izzie’s

Lipstick: Red Lipstain – The Sugar Garden

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Top: Tucked Tee – tres blah

Is this for real?

I have literally been trying to log into SL for at least a solid week. I have been crashing basically every few minutes when I have managed to log in. I logged in last night and things seemed to be okay so I thought I could get a blog post in. As soon as I tried to enable shadows my whole screen would freeze and then I would crash. The same happened at least 5 more times after that. I was very upset and gave up rather quickly. I log on today and thought maybe it would work but it happened again. I am posting with no shadows and that makes me have a sad. What are some viewers that you all try? I think it may be time for me to try a new one. Maybe a suggestion that is Mac friendly? Thanks in advance!!


Hair: Denee – Truth

Skin: The Skin Shop (Fit Body & Pussy Face)

Dress: Summer Dress – tsg

I love by best frand

There aren’t many people on SL that I can say are close to me (or that I am close to for that matter) but this one girl, she holds my heart for sure. She knows when to make me laugh, we can talk about the most random stuff ever and it makes sense to us, and she is just THERE for me. I luff you Dani. (Click the link to see her credits. You can see mine below!)


Hair: Lotus – Truth

Ears: MissieMouse_5 – [(B)Collective]

Eyes: Lovers eye (in Husky) – [theSkinnery]

Skin (for the face): Pussy (tone 10) – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Skin (for the body): Fit body (tone 10) – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Lipstick: Kiss – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Top: Ela Tank – cheeky

Bottom: Tutu Skirt – cheeky

Shoes: BlashGrey&Pinkdirt – BLK 2.0

I’ve been framed!!

Oh my lovelies!!! How have you been? Well, I am much much better now. I got sick with I don’t know what and I was not able to even get out of bed. It was horrible! But I am doing a lot better now thank goodness. And guess what that means? I get to blog for you again and show you lovely yummyness! I hope you love it!


Hair: Chynna – Truth

Skin: Hope – the skinnery (available at Skin Fair)

Eyeshadow: Fairy Magic Eyeshadow – Pink Acid

Lipstick: Camille Lips & Teeth – Pink Acid

Dress: Crosslace dress – HighRize (available at Fi*Fridays)

Shoes: Angelina Peeptoe – [Gos] Boutique

Prop: In the Picture – Glitterati