Oh my!

Hey my divas! Are you wondering where I have gone to? Well, I haven’t gone too far, don’t you fret! If you want to see what I am up to just click here —–> http://sofreshsocleansl.wordpress.com/. It’s that new blog I had told you about a few days ago. I will be posting there much more regularly and I hope you join me there! Make sure to follow that page so that you can keep up to date! Hope you have a lovely Tuesday! Love you guys! ❤


Planning on something new….

Hey there my lil divas. I am planning on starting a new blog. What does that mean for this page? I will actually gradually stop blogging on this one and just have one single page for myself since I don’t have contributors like I used to. But change is good, this isn’t a bad thing and I actually feel good about it. I have been thinking of this for a couple week’s now. As soon as I make that change you will know. Miss you all! ❤