Against the wall

It has  been some time  since the last blog.  Today while I was spending some time with my sister Liane I found this outfit I love and decided to blog it, it makes me look super sexy and that is always a plus on my list.


Shape: R.icielli – SUMMER Model Shape

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.HENA(2) LB

Hair: [e](Elikatira) Lasting – Warm Blondes

Outfit: 20.FIVE Body Suit – Wine

Shoes: Absolution – Brooklyn Boots – Mismatched Set


Sunday Stylin’

I love my Sundays where I spend it doing nothing whatsoever. I get to put different outfits together and show everyone. I call that a great Sunday hehe.

Up first we have Mignon from Sn@tch. I don’t wear much latex on SL but when I do I turn to Ivey Deschanel from Sn@tch. I just love how she makes latex. Just the right amount of shiny and highlighting in all the right places.


Hair: C3 – Mirror

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper

Skin: I Love You – Skintimate

Eyeshadow: Boom Badoom Boom – Boom

Piercing: Inque – Hebenon Vial

Outfit: Mignon – Sn@tch (New!)

Prop: Doll Box – Indigo Oddities

Next up is a bit of elegance. One of Agnes Finney’s newest dresses is called Quinta. It has many options but I am showing you the long version. It comes with a flowing scarf as well.


Hair: About – Elikatira

Shape: Biter – Adult Second Shapes

Skin: Nicole Special Edition – Skintimate

Dress: Quinta – My Precious

Pose: from The Biggest Pose – Glitterati

Next up we have the cowl neck sweater from HolliPocket. It’s available at Grunge Soul Project for 90L right now. Also, the newest Rozena skin named Wendy. I am also wearing some special Halloween themed lip gloss from Rozena.


Hair: Later – Elikatira

Skin: Wendy – Rozena (New!)

Lip Gloss: Dolly Lip – Rozena

Shape: Nicole – Anna Shapes

Eyes: Killer’s Ice Cold Gaze – Forsaken (Part of the Flesh Game event)

Top: Cowl Neck – HolliPocket (at Grunge Soul Project)

Prop: Bed – Glitterati

At meal’s end.

You know that perfect moment after a warm meal on a cold night – your rumbling tummy just satiated, your eyelids drifting closed, the residual flavor of that night’s dinner the only thing on your mind, everything right with the world…
Vampires have that too.

Yes, so this is my first post here! YAY! I’ve known Li, Color and Hadda over a year now (can you believe that?!) and love them dearly. They are my best friends in SL, affectionately my luffies and sisters.
The term ‘Family’ in SL can be so varied and those who don’t understand or have that bond will very often poke fun at them or dismiss them. In my case, family means being privvy to intimate details about real life, people who stick by you through everything and anything in both lives, and though occasional disagreements and insecurities happen, they still love you no matter what. Family is not roleplay – it is a choice and chance to love. Sorry for the ranty first post, but it’s been on my mind lately. lol

Skin: Illusory – Paige (@ Collabor88 only)
Hair: Elikatira – Past (50% off sale!)
Necklace: Mood – Profonde
Bracelet: Garage (store closed) – Silk Bracelet
Dress: The Sea Hole – Aeme Vested Dress (NEW!)
Stockings: Tres Blah – Plain Black Tights (previous FLF)
Shoes: Elikatira – Move Pumps (50% off sale)

Feeling it.

I love Halloween. Everything that comes with it. And did I mention candy? Omg I can feel the cavities forming in my mouth!! In SL I love that we can mix and match things together. We don’t have to be girly girly all the time. Or prissy, can’t forget the prissyness. I love that we can put the scary together with the sweet. I know it all depends on your own style, so what I like may not be liked by others. Just have a look at what I have put together below.


Hair: Mina – Ploom (Knitting Circle Bake Sale)

Eyes: Killer’s Ice Cold Gaze – Forsaken (The Flesh Game)

Skin: Bloody Mary – Illusory (Knitting Circle Bake Sale)

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper

Bed: Glitterati


Hair: Aisline – Ploom (VIP gift)

Skin: Zombie  – CandyDoll (New!)

Guts: Zombie Guts – rbcg

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper

Prop: The Animal I Am – TeaSoup (no longer in-world)

In the Dark is where I like to be

I like hiding in small corners where no one can find me. Obviously I have to dress cute just in case I am found. What’s the use of looking fugly?

Today at CandyDoll you can find this Vanessa set for 75L each for Lazy Sunday. That’s skin, teeth tattoo layers and shape. Your choice. These are all a great price and I would grab them if you can.

The hoodie I am wearing is from HolliPocket. You can find the little popcorn bag, since it’s part of the ZombiePopcorn hunt. It’s so comfy and such a cute color. I am also wearing one of HolliPocket’s tattoos. You can find them in the gacha machine or just buy the fatpack.


Hair: Apple II – (was this past Fifty Linden Friday item)

Skin: Vanessa – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday item)

Teeth: Vanessa Teeth Style 1 – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday item)

Shape: Vanessa – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday item)

Eyes: Killer’s Ice Cold Gaze – Forsaken (part of The Flesh Game hosted by Sn@tch)

Top: Hoodie Tee – HolliPocket (ZombiePopcorn Hunt item)

Bottom: Faded Whisker – HolliPocket

Tattoo: Hot Accent? (from the Raunche Tats) – HolliPocket (this past week’s Grenade Free Wednesday item)

Prop: Lightbox – Glitterati

Week 44 – Week 50

As I did last night, I am continuing to catch up on these last final weeks of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge ( Today I will start off with Week 44 which is Firebrick. Looking through my inventory I noticed that the only item I had in Firebrick was some nail polish. But I was able to combine this dress from Haunted Zuzu and it matched pretty well.


Hair: Yew – Illusory

Skin: Alessia – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday item – 75L for today)

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper (Grunge Soul Project item)

Necklace: The Raven – League

Dress: Circus Candy – Haunted Zuzu

Nails: Nail Polish – Ibizarre

Prop: Vintage 1 Room – Ilaya (Lazy Sunday item)

Week 45: Bronze


Hair: Magenta – Truth

Skin: Bitu – Al Vulo

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper

Top: Brace Lace – Phoenix Rising

Bottom: People in My Pants – The Sea Hole (Was a special edition)

Prop: Vintage 1 Room – Ilaya

Week 46: Brick Red


Hair: Girlfriend in a Coma – !lamb

Skin: Olivia – FFX (on the House of London sim – was special edition)

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper (Grunge Soul Project)

Dress: Salvina – Bebe Doll

Prop: Vintage 1 Room – Ilaya

Week 47: Khaki


Hair: The Morning After – Clawtooth (past Fifty Linden Friday item)

Skin: Adeline – CandyDoll

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper

Lashes: Tattoo Lash – Petticoat Lane

Outfit: Breezie’s Kiss – Phoenix Rising (Includes purse and bracelet)

Prop: Vintage 1 Room – Ilaya

Week 48: Moss Green


Hair: Mischa – Truth

Skin: Adeline CandyDoll

Lashes: Tattoo Lash – Petticoat Lane

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper

Top: Eglantine – The Secret Store

Bottom: HighWaisted Short – The Secret Store (Lazy Sunday Item today)

Prop: Vintage 1 Room – Ilaya

Week 49: Wenge


Hair: Hot Mess – Kyoot

Skin: Maike – Katsucide

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper

Lashes: Tattoo Lash – Petticoat Lane

Top: Tied Up – Republic (no longer in-world)

Bottom: Khaki Shorts – Republic (no longer in-world)

Prop: Vintage 1 Room – Ilaya

Week 50: Mulberry


Hair: Juliette – Truth

Skin: Alice – Damned (past Grunge Soul Project item)

Shape: Nelly – Salt and Pepper

Lashes: Tattoo Lash – Petticoat Lane

Lingerie: Impression – Phoenix Rising

Prop: Vintage 1 Room – Ilaya

Weeks 39 – Week 43

So I have been super behind on the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge ( I am going to place a few of the weeks in just one post because it will be a bit easier for me this way. Starting with Week 39: Melon.


Hair: Eve – Wasabi Pills

Skin: Isabella – Romi Skin

Lashes: Lash Tattoos – Petticoat Lane

Top: Layering Tee – Jane

Bottom: High Waisted Zipper Skirt – ISON

Prop: Into The Dark – Glitterati

Week 40: Apricot


Hair: Sweets – BC322

Skin: Angelina – Skintimate

Shape: Erika – Forever9

Necklace: All U Need – JD Design

Outfit: Needful Things Romper – Jane

Prop: Into The Dark – Glitterati

Week 41: Jazzberry


Hair: Bang Bang – !lamb

Skin: Olivia (Special Edition) – FFX (House of London sim)

Piercing: Jam – Acide

Top: Big in Japan – Fab Pony (Group Gift)

Bottom: Eighty Four Denim – Pink Outfitters

Prop: Into the Black – Glitterati

Week 42: Chartreuse


Hair: Tabatha – Truth

Glasses: Horn Rimmed – birdy (no longer in – world)

Skin: Juna – Sorry Asia

Eyeshadow: la vie – label mode

on lips: Kere lipline – Pekka

Bodysuit: Plain Olivia – Pig

Prop: Into the Black – Glitterati

Week 43: Liver


Hair: Glass Candy – !lamb

Skin: Noona 2 – BarbieDoll

Earring: Dotted Feather – Glow Studio

Top: Plain Tee – Somnia

Prop: Into the Black – Glitterati