Never enough time

There’s never really enough time in a day to get everything done that you’d hopped to accomplish. Especially when you fall into lazy holes like I do where I don’t want to do anything more than lay there and breathe. But today I was handed an interesting dress that I just had to throw on and go strut around the town in. Being me I’m not afraid to flash the goods and this dress defiantly helps with that, the zipper on this dress goes up VERY high giving a very sexy and scandalous view of your TaTa! Hard not to love it!
And it goes oh so well with this (red) Mint hair I managed to snag from their lucky chair and this beautiful skin from ::Modish:: which is currently at the Stuff in Stock event marked down to only $80L!

*Urbanity* – Extreme Black Heels
::Modish:: -ToxicBarbie sunkiss skin [SIS] (Currently located in Stuff in Stock event)
[frenzy]- Slouchy Zip Dress Color Rose
Acid & Mala- Shut up! Piercing – Key
Hooligan Streetwear- Spiked Collar


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