As it gets colder….

I don’t like the winter time. I start to lose my tan and get upset that it’s so cold outdoors. I have to layer my clothes and try to keep warm. Time spent at home is more for snuggling. It’s just crazy I tell you!!

I also noticed that it’s been two years since I opened this blog up and it’s still going strong. I love you all for your support thank you!


Hair: Lively – LeLutka

Skin: Faith – PXL

Lips & Eyelashes – Pink Acid

Dress: Belted Mini Dress – The Sugar Garden

Shoes: Alexa Wedges – Maitreya


Just a thing..

So last week I was having the most obnoxious time with my SL viewer. I had updated it and then could not for the life of me log on. I then tried to clear cache and log on. It gave me the whole loading inventory bull and just when it was almost at loading point and I was not a cloud anymore, BAM SL would freeze and then I crashed. This happened from Thursday until Saturday. I started looking for other viewers because I was just so extremely aggravated. The one I am using now only has a select few windlight settings, which is not cool with me, and I honestly am dumb when it comes to adding more. I had gotten used to my windlight settings in the other viewer. I then tried today to uninstall my old viewer and reinstall. Just as it loaded and I went to try and take some pictures for this post I crashed again. I was about ready to throw my MacBook Pro out the window even though it wasn’t the cause, I know it’s because I updated. I have stuck with the new viewer and am sulking. If any of you have a viewer you like that you know will work, drop me a comment with where I can go download it. I need more windlight!!!!

Also, I have been wearing this outfit since Thursday, been wanting to blog it. And here it is okay? Long awaited.


Hair: Salome – LeLutka

Eyes: Crystal eyes – MONS

Skin: Sophia – [ PXL ]

Top: Harlow – .evolve.

Bottom: oblivion jeans – .evolve.

Shoes: sweet Heels – cheeky

Join our sleepover?

It’s always fun to have a slumber party. And when you have your frand frand with you its even funner! We of course had our girly talks! What else would we do? Want to see what Dani is wearing? Hop over to her blog: but you may have to give her a few minutes, she is a lil sleepyhead haha! (Photo by Dani!)


Hair: Nana – D!va

Skin: Saga (2.5) – LAQ

PJ’s: Sleepover (in Leopard) – CandyDoll

Feet: Womens Medium Barefeet – SLink

Starting with today

I don’t see myself as having to be like everyone else. I like that I am different and unique. I think other’s should do the same. Why would you want to be a clone anyway? I don’t know, just rambling today. I think maybe I didn’t sleep well last night! My mind is on over-drive.


Hair: Girl*40 – Dura

Skin: Lush – : S U G A R :

Piercing: Bitten – Haus of Darcy

Tattoo: Death of Baroque – Hebenon Vial

Dress: Elane – cheeky

Fishnets: Fishup Nets – Holli Pocket (past gacha item)

Shoes: Studded Moccasins – ::RA::