Seven SL Facts about Liane

I came across this challenge on Strawberry Singh’s blog. It’s called “My Seven SL Facts Meme”. I am usually skeptical trying different challenges because I don’t want any negativity around me, but guess what? There is ALWAYS negativity around no matter what. Read on so you can find out a bit more about me. (Picture first? Here goes.)

sevenfactsSL Fact #1:

I really am a nice person. I am shy at first and may seem a bit off-standish but I am really not. I am a sweetheart. (No really, I am.)

SL Fact #2:

I don’t do well with being told what to do. I am my own person and want to keep it that way.

SL Fact #3:

I live in a house, on a land, with my sister.

SL Fact #4:

I don’t usually venture out of my land. I feel awkward when out in public. (If you want to pull me out, by all means please do!)

SL Fact #5:

I don’t like the norm. I may have some normal toned skins or normal colored hairs, but I love having the dramatic colors and makeups. It makes for a funner look in my opinion.

SL Fact #6:

I am a skin whore. Yeah, I said it. What of it? You hate me now for it? I really can’t seem to go through all my skins and delete a whole mess of them. I feel like that would be chopping off one of my limbs.

SL Fact #7:

I have an addiction to head pieces. Be it feathers, hats, headbands, flowers; I will buy it. And I will incorporate it into one of my looks. It’s fun for me.

And there you have it folks. Now you know I am not just an SL blogger. If you see me in-world, poke me, chat me. I am not really that bad. (Read below for what I have on)


Hair: Clumsy – Magika

Eyes: City Lights – Insufferable Dastard

Skin: Lavender – the body co.

Shape: Custom made for me – Dani & Co.


Me? A rebel?

Just a quick post for you all. Enjoy!





Hair: Blame – Magika

Skin: Linn (Darkness) – Glam Affair

Lipstick: Black Lipstick – Pink Acid (available at SL Fashion Week)

Necklace: Fallen – Haus of Darcy

Dress: Seduction – The Sugar Garden

Shoes: Rebel – CandyDoll

Deep sleep…

I feel like I need to go into a deep sleep and be woken up somewhere down the line. I felt like I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while. And it’s starting to worry me. But enough of that….here is what you came to see!





Hair: Little – Magika

Skin: Kumi (Vanilla & also the Lola Tango applier) – Pink Fuel

Eyes: Magdalena – Chus!

Lipstick: Juicy Fruit Lips – Pink Acid (available at Fi*Fridays)

Top: Simple Shirt (w/applier) – cheeky

Bottom: Leather Mermaid Scales Leggings – Pink Acid (available at Fi*Fridays)

Prop: Cryo Chamber – Glitterati

I thought this was dinner?

So I decided to take my boat out with my sister in SL. And I made a nice little picnic for her. And well, I wanted to play a little trick right? Act like I wanted her hand in marriage? She must have taken it for serious…..she jumped out the boat. Made me cry……


On Liane (Purple top):

Hair: Alice – Wasabi Pills (FLF)

Skin: Aurora – ::: ECHO :::

Necklace: Sakura – Virtual/Insanity

Outfit: Belle Jumpsuit – Pink Outfitters

Shoes: Obey Spine Heels – Diktator

On Hadda  (Red top)

Hair: Delora – Magika

Skin: [ Baba2 ] – [ Al Vulo! ] (Group Gift)

Eyes: Cosmic-Feline – A.D.D.Andel!

Shape: Jaci – :: Happy.Face ::

Piercing: Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (No longer in-world)

Outfit: Belle Jumpsuit – Pink Outfitters

Shoes: *[PP]- Valentine’s GlamPumps*

Prop: In the same Boat – Glitterati

We taking flight!

There are so many events going on and I know my pockets are coming up with lint haha.  Colorful and I have thrown many pieces from these different events. I hope you do enjoy!


On Liane

Hair: Sophie Coontail Edition – Magika (Project Fur Japan)

Skin: Help Japan – Bodyline (Help Japan Event)

Necklace: Ling Ling – LouLou&Co (Project Fur Japan)

Top: Sarah – [N’Soul]

Gloves: Enlace Moi – [Acide!]

Bottoms: Mitzi Shorts – Ingenue

Socks: Loose Socks – +mocha+

Shoes: Paquerette – Ingenue

On Colorful

Hair: Moon – Magika

Eyes: Cat – Odd Eye (Elm Green & Baby Blue)

Skin: Tokyo – Plastik (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)

Necklace: Pretty When You Cry – +>A&A<+

Tattoo: The Wired Garden – Garden of Ku

Bra: Gianetti – Intimates Freebie (Not sure if still available)

Top: Negligent Cardigan – WTW

Bottoms: Kimori Shorts – Pink Outfitters

Shoes: Extreme Red Heels – *UB*

Pose: Take Flight – {PHRESH} (Pose Fair)