I’m Fierce Betch!

Don’t mess with me, I’m fierce BETCH! I have seriously fallen in love with the store {Potato}. Every time I go over there I walk out with something. How could I not get this shirt, this is something I would wear in real life with my fishnets and skirt. Just like how I rock it in Second Life.

Goes so well with this skirt but I have bad news for you if you were hoping for it, it’s from Canimal and they aren’t there any longer. It makes me so sad I really did love that store and I hope at some point they can come back but things happen as we all know I’m sure.

Apple May Designs – Teegan Skin Line – Paper Doll
>TRUTH< Roxana – browns
{Potato} – I’m Fierce Betch – Girl S
{Potato} – Angel Eyes Piercing
::Plastic Flowers:: ZP Lip Piercings
Canimal – Rocker Skirt (Leopard pink) CLOSED


Chic Boutique items

Here we go again with the new items. Warning: this post will have a lot of photos. After each section I will let you know what is worn, etc.

The skin I am wearing in the first set of photos is from Grixdale. One of the new skins available for 75L until June 1st.


Hair: Me – Elikatira

Skin: Teagan – Grixdale (75L until June 1st)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got a Temper

Outfit: Untouched – Beautiful Dirty Rich (Chic Boutique item. Comes in many colors. Includes ears, tail and shoes)

Poses: Don’t Freak Out


Hair: Me – Elikatira

Skin: Summer Time – Sweet Bites (Chic Boutique item)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Outfit: DJ Toni Bitch’n – Vilada (Chic Boutique item)

Poses: Lazy Places

For the next set of photos my friend, and a fellow photographer, Andyy Zifer posed with me. Thank you Andyy!

Pose: Jazz – Acide (Chic Boutique item)

One thing about this pose: I wasn’t able to find a way to adjust it. I actually had to try on a few shapes to make it fit right.


Hair: Comfort – Elikatira

Skin: Summer Time – Sweet Bites (Chic Boutique)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got a Temper

Necklace: Erol – Line (Chic Boutique)

Dress: American Bazaar (Chic Boutique)

Poses: Olive Juice


Hair: Comfort – Elikatira

Skin: Sunny Girl – Natural Beauty (Chic Boutique)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Jewelry: Earrings and Necklace – JD Designs (Chic Boutique)

Outfit: Judite – SHINE (Chic Boutique)

Shoes: Cheers (Special Edition) – LpD (Chic Boutique)

Poses: Olive Juice


It’s time again for Black Friday. I am wearing the Hooligan Streetwear item that is set out for 60L. Make sure you TP to the main store and you will be sure to find it there.

I am also wearing one of the newer Grixdale skins. I am wearing Ren in Honey. Available at 75L each tone. The tones available are Honey, Mint, and Sugar. They are at this price only until June 1st. So catch them while you can!


Hair: Grappa – LoQ

Skin: Ren – Grixdale (New 75L)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Outfit: Creed – Hooligan Streetwear (60L for Black Friday)

Poses: Still Life

Horror Haute

More blood! More Gore! I can’t get enough! Horror Haute is helping me get a dose. Horror Haute is a sale that happens at the end of every month that embodies the horror styling of blood, gore, monsters, and in my opinion GREATNESS.
There are several designers participating, the two that really got me were the ones with the exposed hearts. Maybe I’m a romantic but I just love them haha.

Picture 1:
Heart chest- AD Creation ((Horror Haute Item))
See No Evil, Speak no Evil Skin- ~*~Souzou Eien~*~Included eyes, skin, and lip stitches
No longer available
Hair- [Aden] WindBlown (Black)
No longer available

Picture 2:
Restless Skin- :::(Favole}::: ((Horror Haute Item))
Includes exposed heart
Tentacle Mouth Monster- Rigormortis
Angel Eyes Piercing- {Potato}

Blue Blood Bloom

I suckered myself into getting a Bloom Doll. And ummm yeah it’s worth it. I love love love it! I was a bit confused when I put the shape on I didn’t know there was a head to attach as well. Just look along….I am sure you will want one too.


Beg Your Pardon – Clawtooth

Avatar: Spooky Bloom – Surf Co

Dress: Karina – Blue Blood

Shoes: Skulled Mollies – Dilly Dolls

Prop: The Animal I Am – TeaSoup

Poses: TeaSoup

Feeling ever so Lazy on this Sunday…..

Quick post since there isn’t much time left for Lazy Sunday. 3 new items available at CandyDoll all out for 75L each: lingerie, eyes and skin. I am also wearing the Project Themeory hair from Raw House.


Hair: Lightning – Raw House (Project Themeory)

Skin: Andree – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Eyes: Pure – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday)

Jewelry: Erol – Line (Lazy Sunday)

Lingerie: Lazy Lingerie Lila – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday)

Poses: Olive Juice

Envious Photography

So last year I closed down my photography studio “Kitteh Photography.” Many of you may know of it if you knew me then. I had been doing photos for maybe over a year. A couple of the reasons I had closed down were lack of funds and lack of the right skills. I have taken this past year to better myself and have gotten better I am quite sure. With that being said I have re-opened a new studio. This one is named “Envious Photography.” I have opened it up with my SL sister and RL friend Haddazah Meridoc.

Our prices are pretty good from what I have seen around SL. If you want anymore info you can IM us in-world or drop us a NC to set up some photo shoots.

Drop by the studio so you can see some of our work 🙂 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Palmbeach/51/224/21