le sigh

There are days where I feel so blah and don’t know what to do with myself. I think it’s been an entire week where I have been cleaning my SLinventory. I have deleted more than 5k items. I keep finding all these goodies too. I think I will be extremely happy when my inventory is under 50k items. And I will get it there. Take a look at what I put together with my newfound items.


Hair: Kyle – BURLEY

Headband: Lotus – LOULOU&Co

Skin: Liane – Baby’s Got A Temper

Eye Shadow: Mermaid (Orchid) – Virtual/Insanity

Eyelashes: Sn@tch

Lipgloss: Stella Lips (Lilac dark) – The Sugar Garden

Teeth: Big Gap – Medley

Eyes: Captured Soul – Agnes Finney

Dress: Hye Tube Dress – BOOM

Shoes: Vo Pumps – Kookie


I haven’t forgotten you…

So the past week (at least it seems) I have been reorganizing my inventory. I have been doing pretty well. I have deleted about 4,000 items. I am not done but I needed to pause a bit and show you some of the things I uncovered while cleaning inventory and decided to keep. Take a peek at these items!


Hair: Bedhead – ploom

Eyes: Illyria – Sn@tch

Skin: Fireball – {S u g a r} (New!)

Top: Hold’em – Holli Pocket

Bracelet: The Prayer of Forgiveness – Haus of Darcy

Tattoo: Beaver – Sn@tch

Bottom: Girl Next Door Cords – Sn@tch

Hey there Tuesday!

So I had this outfit picked out last night. And in between taking photos I crashed. As soon as I went to log in I saw that firestorm had an update. So I updated and then had to reset all my settings. Soooooo I was a bit peeved and decided to just post today. Sorry for the wait but I hope it was worth it!


Hair: Alma – Tameless Hair

Skin: Love – Illusory (at The Dressing Room Blue)

Eyes: Wonderland (Warm Edition) -Chus!

Piercing: Metal Mouth – :Hebenon Vial:

Ring: My bad girl – :FANATIK:

Top: My Beautyful Mesh top – :cheeky: (New! and mesh!)

Bottom: 52 jeans – Jane

Shoes: Black ankle booties – ~imbue~

Interesting Monday

My Mondays are usually pretty boring. But today was pretty good. It was warm enough in RL that I was able to go for a walk with my son. The rest of the week will be warm too. But enough of RL….here is SL related items!

I have on a new outfit from My Precious (Agnes Finney). It’s called Maggie and comes in several colors. I wore it in purple. Just a forewarning, the pants are mesh. The skin I am wearing is from Aura and available at Collabor88. On my lips you will find new lipstick from *Anymore, also available in a few tints. Take a look at the photos.


Hair: Feuille – vive 9 (Collabor88 item)

Headpiece: Bird Skull – LoQ

Piercing: The Minimalist – :Hebenon Vial: (They are closing…everything is $30L)

Collar: Clockwork Collar – :Hebenon Vial:

Ring: Cross Ring – IMBUE

Glasses: Beachwood – [glow]

Clutch: New York Clutch – LoQ

Skin: Briar (Duo 2) – Aura (Collabor88 item)

Lipstick: Cotton Geisha – *Anymore

Outfit: Maggie – My Precious (Mesh item)

Shoes: Vintage Wedge – Hucci (Collabor88 item)

It’s good to be back!

Wow! I missed you guys so much! As much as I enjoyed my vacation in RL I am glad to be back and doing what I like best on SL. Here are a few new things I am loving.


Hair: Bella – Burley

Skin: Needy Me – :S u g a r: (March group gift)

Piercings: Hooped Set – Medley (On sale at store)

Mouthie: Trapped Mouse – .{PSYCHO:Byts}.

Outfit: Early Summer – BOOM (The Dressing Room guest)

Vacation Mode


Ok I will show you a couple pieces that are available for the latest round of Stumblebum Brigade. As always, the event runs two weeks at a time. This will be my final post of the day until I come back from vacation. I will miss you all and see you when I get back!!!!


Hair: Girl*28 – Dura

Skin: Briar (Espresso with Coral lipstick tattoo) – Aura (Stumblebum Brigade)

Eyes: Beach – Insufferable Dastard (Stumblebum Brigade)

Piercing: Solitude – Sour Pickles

Top: Button Tee – Illusory (Stumblebum Brigade)

Bottom: Ever-High waist skirt – *BOOM*

More newness!!

I know I said I am going on vacation today, which I am, but I don’t leave for a few hours yet. I have to wait for the rest of my family to be ready. That means I get to make some blog goodies for you!!



Hair: Oleander (Duo Pack) – !lamb

Skin: Stepford – : S u g a r :

Dress: Whore Lace Dress – *Anymore (Whore Couture Fair)

Shoes: Sexy Heels – *Anymore