Good times….remember those?

I know I have been missing. I am sorry for that. A lot of you understand it but others don’t. I don’t expect everyone to get it. And I surely don’t want pity either. I go through a range of emotions as soon as I know summer is gone. Right now I feel myself spiraling downwards into that dark hole called depression. It happens to me every year and I have to try and remain happy knowing it will be warm again. When I get in this mood, I don’t want to do anything: I don’t want to go to RL work, I don’t want to do RL schoolwork, and I certainly don’t have the energy to log onto SL. For me SL is an outlet so for me not to log onto SL you know that it’s gotten pretty bad. I woke up today and decided that I don’t want depression to take a hold of me this year. I am done being sad (I hope) and I want to remember all those good times.

I apologize for the rambling….I hope you all still love me. Oh and btw, I missed my SL rez date and I also missed my anniversary of beginning my blog. That just made me a little sad. But here are the new pics, enjoy.






Hair: Stray Wishes – Exile

Eyes: Obscuro Eye Set – TH!

Skin: Gluttony – [7DS]

Lipstick: Dolly Lip Smack – Pink Acid

Tattoo: Cut Here – Vestigium

Top: Corset – cheeky

Bottom: [ Brittany Pants ] – :: Miss Canning ::

Shoes: Mika – [whatever]

Pose: {hula hoop} – .mien. poses


Hangin’ Tough

I am not quite sure why I have the New Kids on The Block (old school of course) stuck in my head. When I was younger, Hangin’ Tough was one of my favorite songs by them. I saw them in concert a few years ago….I loved it. I want to go to another one of their concerts. Which one was your favorite New Kid on The Block? Let me know in the comments!!





Hair: Wild at Heart – Exile

Skin: Belle – Filthy

Top: Zip Tube Top – The Sugar Garden

Bottom: Lower Baggy! – cheeky

Shoes: F-Wings – 2REAL Footwear

Poses: Marta – Label motion

Locked in here…no way out

Sometimes I feel like my brain is trying to tell me to stay within its confined space. To let all my thoughts stay trapped up and let my imagination roll. I like to listen to my brain at times, it keeps me out of trouble……sometimes anyway.


Hair: Bad Reputation – Exile (New!!)

Skin: Wednesday II (in Moonlight Tone) – Essences (New!!)

Top: Anna Half Shirt – cheeky

Bottom: Minka Mini Ruffle – BOOM

Shoes: Sexy Me Heels – **

Prop: Padded Cell – !bang

Do the bunny hop

I know Easter has come and gone but being a bunny is just so much fun. I mean, honestly, why would you subject bunnies to only one holiday right? Well, I also just wanted to show how sexy this bunny outfit is too. So there! Haha.bunnyhopbunnyhop1bunnyhop2Worn:

Hair: Untouched – ::Exile::

Skin: Liu (in Almond w/no brow option) – Glance

Eyebrows: Sharp Brows – Just Magnetized

Lipstick: Deja Lip Gloss V2 – Pink Acid (available at TDR Fusion)

Bunny Outfit – .:cheeky:.

Bloody Knees – Suicidal Unborn

Feet: Barefeet (Arched) – [Gos] Boutique

Poses: Group Gift Pose Pack – Atooly

This is me….

Hi my lovelies. So yesterday I had this great blog post with the greatest pictures all ready to post for you…..until I noticed all these teeny tiny lines ALL OVER my pictures. Well, I didn’t blog it, as you are very well aware of it. So I thought about how to change it up a bit all day today while I was at work. And then I was doing homework. I said to myself, “Just do it over Liane, you are not going to be happy knowing that you edited these pictures knowing very well there were lines all over the place.” So, these pictures came out better, and you will like them more! Enoy!!




Hair: Crazy in Love – Exile

Skin: Francesca Kajira – .la petite morte.

Lipstick: Baby Soft Lips & Teeth (Lavendar) – Pink Acid

Top: Corset (Moulin Rouge – VIP Group Gift) – The Sugar Garden

Tattoo: Medicated – Corvus

Bottom: skinny Jeans! – .:cheeky:.

Shoes: Studded Boot – piccara

I’m a star…..aren’t you?

Just a quick post as I sit here with no voice. I am sick and have completely lost my voice. It sucks honestly, seeing as I couldn’t complete a whole RL work day since I can’t speak to customers. (I am a photographer, so speaking to clients is a big deal haha.) Well on to the goodies.





Hair: A Winter’s Tale – Exile (NEW!!!)

Skin: Lush (Neon Nights) – : S U G A R :

Gloss & Eyelashes: Pink Acid

Top: Loose Tucked Shirt – piccara

Bottom: Larkin leggings – ::DirtyMind:: (at Stuff in Stock)

Shoes: Mika – [whatever] (at Stuff in Stock)

In a damper no more

So the last week has been super eventful for me. I had finals for both of my classes (I passed both of them with a B), we had Hurricane Sandy pass by here yesterday (the most we got is some flickering lights and a fallen down light post), and I began a new class yesterday. I haven’t really posted as much as I would like and I am sorry for that. But I have here a new outfit from : S U G A R : that I do hope you all enjoy. Muahh!


Hair: Silent Wings – Exile

Skin: Orchid – the body co.

Piercing: Bitten – haus of darcy

Eyes: Reflections – Insufferable Dastard

Outfit: Damper – : S U G A R :