Horror Haute

More blood! More Gore! I can’t get enough! Horror Haute is helping me get a dose. Horror Haute is a sale that happens at the end of every month that embodies the horror styling of blood, gore, monsters, and in my opinion GREATNESS.
There are several designers participating, the two that really got me were the ones with the exposed hearts. Maybe I’m a romantic but I just love them haha.

Picture 1:
Heart chest- AD Creation ((Horror Haute Item))
See No Evil, Speak no Evil Skin- ~*~Souzou Eien~*~Included eyes, skin, and lip stitches
No longer available
Hair- [Aden] WindBlown (Black)
No longer available

Picture 2:
Restless Skin- :::(Favole}::: ((Horror Haute Item))
Includes exposed heart
Tentacle Mouth Monster- Rigormortis
Angel Eyes Piercing- {Potato}


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