I’m Fierce Betch!

Don’t mess with me, I’m fierce BETCH! I have seriously fallen in love with the store {Potato}. Every time I go over there I walk out with something. How could I not get this shirt, this is something I would wear in real life with my fishnets and skirt. Just like how I rock it in Second Life.

Goes so well with this skirt but I have bad news for you if you were hoping for it, it’s from Canimal and they aren’t there any longer. It makes me so sad I really did love that store and I hope at some point they can come back but things happen as we all know I’m sure.

Apple May Designs – Teegan Skin Line – Paper Doll
>TRUTH< Roxana – browns
{Potato} – I’m Fierce Betch – Girl S
{Potato} – Angel Eyes Piercing
::Plastic Flowers:: ZP Lip Piercings
Canimal – Rocker Skirt (Leopard pink) CLOSED


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