Got Azz?

Have you all heard of the newest fascination all over SL? It’s called Phat Azz and you can find it at Luck Inc. I am extremely in love with mine. (Sounds a bit vain, but hell, look at it! Haha!!)

Tell me what you think!






Hair: Hana_Nurie – [taketomi]

Eyes: Perspective Eyes – IKON

Outfit: [Samanha Bodysuit] (with Phat Azz applier) – :: Miss Canning ::

Skin: Belle – Filthy

Shape: Custom Made – Dani & Co.

Phat Azz – Luck Inc.

Shoes: Divine Heels (for SLink feet) – CandyDoll

Poses: Wiza – Label Motion


Deer girl….where have you gone?

Yes I meant to write deer…..but you will see why when you look at the pics. It is now getting cold outdoors in RL, but thank goodness that in SL I don’t have to bundle up in sweaters and the like if I don’t want to. I will remain in short skirts and tank tops for a while yet….you shall see!


Horns: Wilding – {D.A.}

Hair: Peek A Boo – Clawtooth

Skin: Lumiere C (Sophistication) – The Sugar Garden

Hands & Feet: Lumiere C (Mesh) – The Sugar Garden

Dress: Sinken – Luck Inc.

Will you be my Superman?

I loved the Sunday comics when I was growing up. I also loved Superman, something about him haha. Oh the ramblings of my life! Carry on, look what I put together.


Hair: Starlight – Clawtooth

Earrings: Dreamcatcher – bellballs

Lip piercing: Candy mouth – hebenon vial

Skin: Cassiopea (Jamaica) – Glam Affair (at TDR)

Lipstick: Naughty Lips – Utopiah

Top: Open Blouse – cheeky

Bottom: Puff Skirt (Vintage Comics) – : S u g a r :

Shoes/Stockings: Sexy Me Heels – Luck Inc.

See this here?

This right here is what you want. Haha! Don’t pay me no mind. My brain is not functioning and I can’t think of a proper title or description. So just look at the pics! So pretttttttty!

P.S. Yes, I used the “Shoe Addict” prop, but I also used poses from Purple Poses.


Hair: Little Queenie – !lamb

Skin: Moana – {.essences.} (One Voice)

Piercings: Compassion – .HoD. (One Voice)

Collar: Bound (Crossed version) – ** (One Voice)

Dress: Gloves mini Dress – :cheeky:

Shoes: Coquette –  N-core (One Voice)

Prop: Shoe Addict – Glitterati (VIP Gift)

Poses: Kim – Purple Poses (One Voice)

Black and blue all over you

I dunno why but I just started putting these things together and loved how it looked. I love finding things in my inventory when I don’t think its there. Just keep looking……hope you like it too!


Hair: Marie – LeLutka

Skin: Prince Charming – -tb-

Collar: Bound – Luck inc.

Top: Passion of the Corset – Sn@tch

Tape: Duct Tape – League

Bottom: Skinny Jeans – [Atomic]

Shoes: Ivy Shoes – +>A&A<+