Something new

I have a few new items on to show you. I am at a loss for words…..packing for my vacation and I am already on vacation mode. I will be gone a week so will be cut off from my SL. Know what that means? No blogging for a week. Not cool, but I am going to be celebrating my RL bday with my family. Without further delay, here are the pics!



Hair: Champagne – LoQ

Skin: Briar (Copper) – Aura

Teeth: Regular Prim Teeth v2 – Medley

Piercing (On collar bone): Solitude – Sour Pickles

Necklace: Cupcake Love Bottle – Sour Pickles

Top: Hanging Strap – :cheeky: (for Whore Couture Fair)

Bottom: Open Lowrise – :cheeky: (for Whore Couture Fair)

Shoes: Dirty Muse – kookie


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