Just a thing..

So last week I was having the most obnoxious time with my SL viewer. I had updated it and then could not for the life of me log on. I then tried to clear cache and log on. It gave me the whole loading inventory bull and just when it was almost at loading point and I was not a cloud anymore, BAM SL would freeze and then I crashed. This happened from Thursday until Saturday. I started looking for other viewers because I was just so extremely aggravated. The one I am using now only has a select few windlight settings, which is not cool with me, and I honestly am dumb when it comes to adding more. I had gotten used to my windlight settings in the other viewer. I then tried today to uninstall my old viewer and reinstall. Just as it loaded and I went to try and take some pictures for this post I crashed again. I was about ready to throw my MacBook Pro out the window even though it wasn’t the cause, I know it’s because I updated. I have stuck with the new viewer and am sulking. If any of you have a viewer you like that you know will work, drop me a comment with where I can go download it. I need more windlight!!!!

Also, I have been wearing this outfit since Thursday, been wanting to blog it. And here it is okay? Long awaited.


Hair: Salome – LeLutka

Eyes: Crystal eyes – MONS

Skin: Sophia – [ PXL ]

Top: Harlow – .evolve.

Bottom: oblivion jeans – .evolve.

Shoes: sweet Heels – cheeky


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