Black Swan

I watched the movie Black Swan the other day and boy was I surprised. And since then I have tried to make my own rendition to the movie. I didn’t want to make an exact duplicate but something thereof. I do hope you enjoy what I have come up with.


Hair: Whitney – Truth

Tiara: The Black Swan – Virtual/Insanity

Eyes: Glamour – Rockberry

Skin: Lollipop – Jesylilo

Eyeshadow: TigerLily – BangBang (at the Kozmetika store)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Piercings: DOA & Euphoria – i-Poke

Tattoo: Hot Accent? Call Me – Hollipocket (on lower stomach. this is a gatcha item.)

Tattoo: Gates of Heaven – Garden of Ku (on chest and back)

Wings: Aranel’s Wings – BOOM

Outfit: Post Apoc Picnic – Sn@tch

Boots: Bitch Ballet – Sn@tch

Poses: PDA


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