Loving my look

I had so much to do in RL today. My kids start school in two days, so had to get them their new clothes….boy that was fun NOT!!! Lol, they can be so indecisive. Then I got to finish shopping for my trip. That was fun haha! I can’t wait, all I want to do is sit with a nice fruity drink and tan. But enough of that, here is my outfit!! (I am wearing the sporty overall from :cheeky:, each one has a phrase on the bum. This one says Bitch)


Hair: Silent Wings – Exile

Piercings: Candy Mouth – Hebenon Vial

Eyes: Jelly Eyes (Tricolor) – Suicidal Unborn

Skin: Punky Babe (Cane tone with freckles add-on)  – : S U G A R : (Brand New!!!)

Outfit: Sporty Overall – cheeky

Shoes: F-Wings – 2Real

Prop: Garage – Glitterati


Will you be my Superman?

I loved the Sunday comics when I was growing up. I also loved Superman, something about him haha. Oh the ramblings of my life! Carry on, look what I put together.


Hair: Starlight – Clawtooth

Earrings: Dreamcatcher – bellballs

Lip piercing: Candy mouth – hebenon vial

Skin: Cassiopea (Jamaica) – Glam Affair (at TDR)

Lipstick: Naughty Lips – Utopiah

Top: Open Blouse – cheeky

Bottom: Puff Skirt (Vintage Comics) – : S u g a r :

Shoes/Stockings: Sexy Me Heels – Luck Inc.

I thought this was dinner?

So I decided to take my boat out with my sister in SL. And I made a nice little picnic for her. And well, I wanted to play a little trick right? Act like I wanted her hand in marriage? She must have taken it for serious…..she jumped out the boat. Made me cry……


On Liane (Purple top):

Hair: Alice – Wasabi Pills (FLF)

Skin: Aurora – ::: ECHO :::

Necklace: Sakura – Virtual/Insanity

Outfit: Belle Jumpsuit – Pink Outfitters

Shoes: Obey Spine Heels – Diktator

On Hadda  (Red top)

Hair: Delora – Magika

Skin: [ Baba2 ] – [ Al Vulo! ] (Group Gift)

Eyes: Cosmic-Feline – A.D.D.Andel!

Shape: Jaci – :: Happy.Face ::

Piercing: Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (No longer in-world)

Outfit: Belle Jumpsuit – Pink Outfitters

Shoes: *[PP]- Valentine’s GlamPumps*

Prop: In the same Boat – Glitterati

punk rock


I can’t get enough of cheeky’s new stuff. Makes me love mesh more and more!! And well, my sis? Yeah she hawt. Take a look at her too.


On Hadda (Left side)

Hair: Emo*05 – Dura

Skin: Cassandra Pin Up – Izzie’s (at Perfect Wardrobe)

Shape: Jaci – Happy Face

Eyes: Resurrection – A:S:S

Piercing: Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (no longer in-world)

Top: Daddy’s Girl – [M.O.a.R]

Leggings: Pia – MichaMi

Bottom: Ripped Tiny Shorts – Fuk’N’Hawt

Shoes: Ashley – Latreia

On Liane (Left Side)

Hair: Roxy – Pelle

Skin: TanSkin 16 – Jesylilo (past Lazy Sunday item)

Top: sexy Scarf Shirt – cheeky

Bottom: low Skinny Jeans (Mesh) – cheeky

Shoes: loosley Shoes – cheeky

my heart was there…..

So hey, I know I haven’t been blogging lately. Forgive me please. Between ending my Ethics class (which I got a B in) and beginning me Principles of Digital Photography class (which I absolutely love) I have been pretty busy. Not only that, but I have almost finished with my inventory cleansing (that’s what I have taken to calling it) and have gotten rid of over 11k items so far. It’s crazy how much of a hoarder I was! Definitely not going to be that way anymore….at least I hope not.


Hair: Dragon (Mesh item) – Wasabi Pills

Skin: Fireball – :S u g a r:

Bandaid: Ouch! Bandaids – Grixdale (by Tyr Rozenblum)

Piercing: Minimalist – Hebenon Vial

Necklace: Bulletproof Owl – [glow] studio

Top: Hot Shit Bralet – Paperbag

Fingertape – Sn@tch

Tattoo: Tribe Wrist – Vestigium

Wound: Bloody Wound – Repulse (From past Zombiepopcorn hunt)

Bottom: Carnal mini – evolve

Knee: Bloody Knees 04 – Suicidal Unborn


Sometimes things in life happen for a reason. Whether it be good or bad, it will always happen. The last few days I have been feeling, you guessed it, lifeless. I feel as if things I say or do don’t matter to anyone. I never understood why someone you thought you felt so close to would be able to let you go without even trying to hold you close…..


Hair: Sonny – Raw House

Skin: Linn (Darkness) – Glam Affair

Piercings: Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (Not sure if store is still there)

Feet: Glod*Bare Feet (Tip Toe Version) – Maitreya

Top: Retro Sweater – :cheeky:

Bottom: A01 Denim – Pink Outfitters

Prop: Hallway – Glitterati