Hello August!

I can’t believe we are in a new month!!! This year is definitely going by way too fast, but many good things have happened so I am okay with it. I just finished two classes and was told that I have only 7 more classes until I graduate. This is major for me, and it is also a bit scary to say the least. Getting my college degree has been the biggest goal for me and I am almost finally at that point where I will have it. What are some goals that you are happy that you were able to fulfill?

I will have a bit more time to blog, BUT I will be going on RL vacation from August 16 – August 24. I can’t wait! I need a vacation badly haha.

Enough of me rambling though, here is what you really came here to see!


Hair: Butterfly – Tekuteku

Skin: Oceane (in Ivory) – Filthy

Shape: Custom – Dani & Co.

Outfit: Kelly Starfish – Mag <3.B.

Poses: {wander} – .mien.


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