Summer Love

I love the summer months. I love being able to hang out barefoot, wearing a tank top and sipping on lemonade. (Add a bit of vodka to that lemonade and we will have a summer party!!) I know it’s been a while since I blogged but I had good reason. I was in Atlantic City, NJ last week (not to gamble of course) for my daughter’s first ever dance nationals. So proud of her! For her solo she received the platinum award and first place overall. I was highly upset with the hotel wi-fi, it was so spotty, I couldn’t even get wi-fi on my android phone! So dumb. Anyways, here is some long awaited goodness.


Hair: Oh Baby Doll – !lamb

Skin: Kate-Virgin (in Toffee) – [the skinnery]

Shape: Lotus – *ANNA SHAPES*

Top: Hykova Buttoned – [w&b]

Bottom: Chiana Skirt – Lark


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