This is me….

Hi my lovelies. So yesterday I had this great blog post with the greatest pictures all ready to post for you…..until I noticed all these teeny tiny lines ALL OVER my pictures. Well, I didn’t blog it, as you are very well aware of it. So I thought about how to change it up a bit all day today while I was at work. And then I was doing homework. I said to myself, “Just do it over Liane, you are not going to be happy knowing that you edited these pictures knowing very well there were lines all over the place.” So, these pictures came out better, and you will like them more! Enoy!!




Hair: Crazy in Love – Exile

Skin: Francesca Kajira – .la petite morte.

Lipstick: Baby Soft Lips & Teeth (Lavendar) – Pink Acid

Top: Corset (Moulin Rouge – VIP Group Gift) – The Sugar Garden

Tattoo: Medicated – Corvus

Bottom: skinny Jeans! – .:cheeky:.

Shoes: Studded Boot – piccara


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