Haters Gon’ Hate….

I don’t usually take to posting ranty blog posts, but today is going to be one of those days so please, bear with me. I did not sleep very well last night and it’s because of something that bothered me. The style I have I feel is not cookie-cutter. I DO NOT want to be the same as every other blogger out on the grid. With that being said, my style is mine. It’s what I feel like wearing at the time you see it posted on my blog. If you don’t like something I am wearing, you don’t have to go behind my back and talk about it like I am a fool. The way I dress is a way to express myself. I have my own style and that is what makes me ME. Sometimes I envy other bloggers because I can’t pull off some of their styles and wish I could. I try to incorporate some of their styles within my own but fail. But this is what sets me apart from other bloggers I feel. So let me reiterate: if you do not like what I have on….don’t click the like button on my blog post, don’t like it on my SL profile feed, and don’t tell me it looks good when you are certainly just lying to me. I wouldn’t do it to you….

Credits on what I am wearing after the pictures as usual. Hope you all have a good day and just know I am not a ranter.






Hair: Figure – [e]

Skin: Amberly (Petal edition – Melodia) – Glam Affair

Eyes: Ocean – The Sugar Garden

Piercing: Hooped Set – Medley (not sure if they are still open)

Collar: Posture Collar (Cross) – Cute Poison (new at the SL Fashion Week event)

Tattoo: Bad Girl – Utopiah

Top: Barbee Sequins – Pink Acid (available at Fi*Fridays)

Belly Tattoo: Fuck You Stomach Wound – Repulse

Ring: Melissa Ring – ..:: Bens Beauty ::..

Bottom: Belted Flair (Black Skull) – [Aux]

Shoes: Color Block Suede Wedges – AUTRES


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