Loving my look

I had so much to do in RL today. My kids start school in two days, so had to get them their new clothes….boy that was fun NOT!!! Lol, they can be so indecisive. Then I got to finish shopping for my trip. That was fun haha! I can’t wait, all I want to do is sit with a nice fruity drink and tan. But enough of that, here is my outfit!! (I am wearing the sporty overall from :cheeky:, each one has a phrase on the bum. This one says Bitch)


Hair: Silent Wings – Exile

Piercings: Candy Mouth – Hebenon Vial

Eyes: Jelly Eyes (Tricolor) – Suicidal Unborn

Skin: Punky Babe (Cane tone with freckles add-on)  – : S U G A R : (Brand New!!!)

Outfit: Sporty Overall – cheeky

Shoes: F-Wings – 2Real

Prop: Garage – Glitterati


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