Only when I feel this way…

There are moments that I feel like nothing is going right in the world. I wake up and feel wonderful only to get shot down and feel like it was all for nothing. I never understand why some people find all this joy in making others down. And that happiness you want to share with others just disappears. This morning I was happy because I saw a new horizon but then was brought back down, so far down that it affected my mood severely. So with that mood in mind, I produced the outfit and look I have on.


Hair: Oscar – LeLutka

Skin: Emma2 – the skinnery

Makeup: Snicket – Clemm (Got it on the marketplace)

Horns: Snarl – Illusions

Top: One Side Summer Top – cheeky

Bottom: shorty shorts – cheeky

Legs: Hopalong Frog Legs – [S]oleil

Poses: adularescent – marukin (At Collabor88)


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