This is it…

I have been holding out on posting this one. This outfit I have been wearing for like 3 days. And I didn’t blog it because I had to find the right words to put together here. You all know me to either speak up or not say a word. Well I want to let you know of something that has been bothering me.

I started off blogging because I feel like I have a different style than others. I put together outfits that I love to wear, not because I am told to wear it. A couple months ago I was told (by someone who I thought cared about me a lot) that everything I blogged was ugly and that she didn’t understand why people even liked my blog. What she said was hurtful and cruel. And I am sure she doesn’t realize I heard her say it. To this day it STILL bothers me and has even affected me blogging. I used to post 3-4 times a week, and sometimes several times a day. I am hoping that with me having said this out loud that maybe me writing this down it will get me back to what I love and enjoy. Sorry to have burdened you all with this and that the Liane you all love will be back to normal soon enough.

Just look what I have put together, it definitely shows my mood as of late.


Hair: Stack – [rQ] (For those who don’t know, that is Red Queen. There is a sale too right now)

Skin: Sun (Type 1) – [rQ]

Blood: Nosebleed – Sticky Kiss

Condom: Outchhhh! To Big – EY:NO

Top: Mesh Hoodie – :cheeky:

Bottom: Ripper jeans – *Anymore


7 thoughts on “This is it…

  1. Hey Li. I’m sorry to hear this, and even moreso that it got you down. I know it’s hard not to let the mean things that other people say get to you, but in the end, what they think has no effect on you or who you are. I know that you have the confidence and faith in yourself to be exactly who you are, whether others like it or not, so don’t ever stop just being “you”, because I think you are an incredible person through and through. Much love! <333

    • Thanks Vix. Really means a lot to me that you have said this. It has been affecting me and it bugs me to no end. Trying hard to bring back who I am no matter what. xoxox

  2. How dare people think they have the right to tell you how to dress, especially someone who “cares” about you. People in SL seem to be so full of their own self importance and really if this person had “cared” then they should have been able to say so to you, not when they thought you couldn’t hear. SL really seems to bring out the bitchiness in people… I personally think that you are great in your own style Li, I know that I wouldn’t wear some of it, but then it’s not me wearing it, it’s you and you can really pull off the looks you wear. Some people have the ability to rock a different style, some people don’t, and you my friend can DEFINITELY rock it!!! *hugs* Bring back normal Li soon, or I will form a search party with coffee ice cream as bait!

    • My Rudhamelon! You don’t even know how this has touched me. It means a lot for you to have written this. Miss you and trust me, normal Li will be back soon. You can still try to get me back with the ice cream though! Haha xoxoox

  3. Hello Liane,
    Thats really disappointing that someone would say that. Even though we all have different styles and views it doesnt give someone the right to criticize your style or likes. I read every post u do. Actually I put it in a folder in my email and keep it, to go back and look. Even if we are at our most confident it still hurts when people say hurtful things. Not to fret though, the understanding here is this…everyone has a right to their own style and expressing themselves. And people have different opinions too. But to criticize out of jealousy or to just purposely hurt someone is uncalled for. Keep your head up Liane and keep on blogging bc like me and I am sure others, we love your styles and your blogging! Hugs
    TMB ❤

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