my heart was there…..

So hey, I know I haven’t been blogging lately. Forgive me please. Between ending my Ethics class (which I got a B in) and beginning me Principles of Digital Photography class (which I absolutely love) I have been pretty busy. Not only that, but I have almost finished with my inventory cleansing (that’s what I have taken to calling it) and have gotten rid of over 11k items so far. It’s crazy how much of a hoarder I was! Definitely not going to be that way anymore….at least I hope not.


Hair: Dragon (Mesh item) – Wasabi Pills

Skin: Fireball – :S u g a r:

Bandaid: Ouch! Bandaids – Grixdale (by Tyr Rozenblum)

Piercing: Minimalist – Hebenon Vial

Necklace: Bulletproof Owl – [glow] studio

Top: Hot Shit Bralet – Paperbag

Fingertape – Sn@tch

Tattoo: Tribe Wrist – Vestigium

Wound: Bloody Wound – Repulse (From past Zombiepopcorn hunt)

Bottom: Carnal mini – evolve

Knee: Bloody Knees 04 – Suicidal Unborn


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