Silly Friday

Friday’s always symbolize a form of silliness for me. I swear, I wake up in the morning and just start giggling. I just think it’s because I know I don’t work for next three days so I get all giddy and insane.

Well, this outfit brings about the sillies in me. I bought a few new items this evening and couldn’t help just putting it all together. Enjoy!


Hair: Hannah – [Burley]

Ears: MissieMouse – [Burley]

Skin: Annette (Face 2) – Pink Acid

Eyeliner: Blue Metallic Eyeliner – Pink Acid

On eyes: featheriz – Es’ cusi

Teeth: Pink Acid

Piercing: Jam – Acide

Dress: Strappy Dress – Paperbag (fi*Fridays)

Shoes: Ladies Lunch – Kookie (The Dressing Room Blue)

Prop: Safe – Glitterati


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