Beep booping all around.

Man if it isn’t one thing it seriously is another. I had a whole mess of crap thrown at me this past weekend. But as you can all see, I don’t let that hold me back. I am here and I won’t be going anywhere for a while. Now on to what you all came for.

I have on a couple tattoos from Vestigium. One being the most lovely Betty Boop. This tattoo is available only at the Theme Park event. It comes in three different tones. I love how it sits over my left hip bone. And just peeks over my pants. Hehe. The other Vestigium tattoo is on my arms and is called Candy World. I love how its a full sleeve. You can find this in store or on the marketplace. My top is from CandyDoll, love how it has the little peek-a-boo under the black. My bottoms are from Paper Doll. I love the torn up look and it makes me want a pair of these in RL for sure. Haha. Shoes are from Bellballs. Zebra and studs, need I say anymore? I didn’t think so.


Hair: THOL2 – Heart Softens

Skin: Paige (Fussion) – Illusory (at Collabor88)

Jewelry: light as a feather – label mode

Top: Boobie Top – CandyDoll

Bottom: Rory Leggings – Paper Doll

Tattoos: Candy World (on arms) & Betty Boop (on hip) – Vestigium (Betty Boop only available at the Theme Park event)

Shoes: Dangerously Studded – Bellballs


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