When all else fails, dress sexy

I sit looking at my inventory. Sit there and watch the number keep increasing. No matter that I clean it out, it still rises. But I can’t pass up the good things. It’s hard to do. Maybe I need an intervention, maybe I need to be handcuffed to a chair. Who knows, but I do know this, neither of those would stop me from shopping haha.

I am sure you have seen me blog about the store *Anymore. They have some cute items. As I was going through my items, I came across these pants I had yet to blog. They are something I would wear in RL for sure. They fit my shape like a glove. And come in several colors. As for the shoes, they are from *Anymore as well. They have a HUD to match the skin to the skin color you are wearing.

See the lipgloss I am wearing? It’s from TSG. They now have a twitter page. For this next week if you follow them and re-tweet any of there posts you can win the set of lip-glosses. Here is their twitter name: https://twitter.com/#!/TSGinSL


Hair: Mohawk Girl – BC322

Skin: Grace – Atomic

Lipgloss: The Raspberry Chapstick – The Sugar Garden (Twitter Re-Tweet Special)

Top: Sinken – Linc

Tape: Duct Tape Set – League

Bottom: Striped Pants – *Anymore

Shoes: Devil heels – *Anymore (Private Room event)

Poses: !bang


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