Stumblebum Brigade is back!

I was so excited when I found out that Stumblebum was coming back. Instead of being a weekly event like before, it will be a bi-weekly event. There are different color schemes as well. The stores switch off when they are participating too.

I got a few good pics of some of the items available for the next 2 weeks. Cheeky Pea has some comfy couches (thanks to my SL niece Vika and SL son Jack for posing with me), a table and rug. Insufferable Dastard has some lovely eyes. Both Illusory (which I am wearing first) and Haute Monde have party worthy dresses.  Aura has some mesh earrings that I doubt I will remove from my attire the next few days. And Frooti has some really cute poses.

Another thing I would like to point out, the skin I am wearing is from Void. I went there the other day with my sis Color and we found that all the skins were being sold in fatpacks for $25L. I am not sure if this is a closing sale or just a sale to bring in new items, but if I were you I would go have a looksie and pick up what you want. (I got wayyy too many haha.)




Hair: Girl**8 – Dura

Skin: Hawk (Grace in Caramel) – Void

Teeth: Pearly Whites – Pididdle

Eyes: Real Eyes (I wore prim 3 and 6, wanted to show two different colors) – Insufferable Dastard (Stumblebum item)

Tattoo: Let Love Write on You – Khush (they may be closed already but go take a look just in case)

Dress #1: New Year Dress – Illusory (Stumblebum item)

Dress #2: Gia – Haute Monde (Stumblebum item)

Earrings: Down Pour (mesh item) – [Aura] (Stumblebum item)

Furniture: Briarwood Lounge – Cheeky Pea (Stumblebum item)

Poses (last 2 pics): Embarradance – Frooti (Stumblebum item)


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