Winter….is it coming?

In my city, lately we have been having unseasonably warm weather. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, seeing as it is now December. I think we have had maybe 2 snow storms but they weren’t anything major as to what we are accustomed to.

What I like about SL is that we can have any kind of weather we want at the drop of a dime. And not have to worry about cleaning up the mess after the damage has been done lol.

Aiza Karu from [AD Creations] has a very unique style. Her creations show her range of emotions and the time spent into creating them. I love that I was able to blog this particular outfit, thank you Aliza! Check out the details in the dress and hair.


Hair: My Winter Ball – [AD Creations]

Shape, skin & ears: Magic Winter (skin 1) – [AD Creations]

Eyes: Magic Winter (violet) – [AD Creations]

Dress: Glitter Winter – [AD Creations]

Wings: *BOOM*


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