When I looked, I was afraid….now I don’t know what to do

I was seriously minding my own business, sucking on my lollipop and BAM! I looked up in the sky and got scared. I mean look at my position, I was frozen stiff! I think that will be the LAST time I eat a lollipop outside, for reals!

I was going through my inventory and through together this outfit from CandyDoll. Then i thought oh wait, didn’t I buy some cute paws from Epic when the had them at Perfect Wardrobe? Sure did! And then, I remembered I had these awesome wings from Sn@tch and threw those on as well. Then I logged on tonight to find that Eilfie Sugarplum, owner of TSG (The Sugar Garden), had sent me a review copy. I am wearing said skin right now. Love it!!! I don’t usually wear darker tones but this one feels right.


Hair: Unravel – Detour

Skin, lashes and lipstick: Chloe (in Cherub) – TSG

Eyes: Shine (in Mint) – Miasnow

Lollipop: Naughty Lollypop – LK Design (I found this on the marketplace previously)

Top: Boobie top – CandyDoll

Bottom: Wool Leggings – CandyDoll

Paws: Doodlebug Boots – *Epic*

Wings: part of the Demonic Influence set – Sn@tch


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