I got a feeling

I have been wearing the new Miasnow skin “Ginger” no joke for like 2-3 days. Those of y’all who know me, know I am a huge skin fanatic. I am always changing like a chameleon but there are my favorites, and right now “Ginger is one of my faves. I love the 2 skin options freckles or more freckles. You can buy each skin separately and also get the extras separate or just get the whole shebang in one jump on the fatpack. (That was definitely my choice haha)

I couldn’t help but also take a close-up so you could see the freckles in full force. I am also wearing an Acide tongue that says “Lick it” at the tip. It was a past item at Grunge Soul Project. So many options you can do just by clicking it.


Hair: Mimi – Wasabi Pills

Skin: Ginger – Miasnow

Tongue: Lick It – Acide

Eyes: Baby Eyes – chus!

Wings: Aranel’s Wings – *BOOM*

Top: Turqouise top – *Anymore

Bottom: Fuschia skirt – *Anymore

Shoes: Obey – Insanya


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