Bad Mouse

I have literally been wearing this outfit for two days. I have seen the Maus helmet on my flickr stream one too many times and had to go out and buy it. The actual purchase brings a few different variations of the helmet and is pretty kickass. So worth the L. I will more than likely go pick up the red version of this one as well. As for the dress and boots, it’s from a little store called Hooligan Streetwear. You will see me occasionally wearing outfits from there and let me tell you they are worth the price as well. (And no I am not saying they are pricy haha)




Hair: Tilda – kik

Skin: Paige (Bloody Mary) – Illusory

Makeup: Steampunk Lady – LpD

Outfit: Creed (includes boots, dagger, and holsters) – Hooligan Streetwear

Ears & Eyepatch: Maus – Ugly Duck


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