So much inventory, what to do with it!

I had this post ready to finish out on 9/18/11. I came down with strep throat and literally have not been in SL all week. Today is my first day back and I am determined to get this done. Enjoy!

I have been going through all my clothes and accessories. I have a hard time trying to pick just one outfit. I literally change my mind every 5 minutes. Haha. These next photos will prove that.


Hair: Gabriel – Truth

Skin: Autumn – Jesylilo

Tongue: Every Flavor Bean – OhMai Emporium

Top: Synergy – Aura

Bottom: Cord mini – Aura

Prop: Hallway – Glitterati


Hair: Ouzo – Loq

Skin: Candy – Huit

Shape: Autumn KB – External Appearance

Eyeliner: Foxy Kitty – P.Art (Was at Kozmetika, not sure now)

Lips: Pale Pucker – BOOM

Top: Jealous Rock – LouLou&Co

Bottom: legg white – Anymore

Pose: Rozena


Hair: Honey – !lamb

Skin: Larissa – Natural Beauty

Shape: Autumn KB – External Appearance

Mustache: Gentleman’s Stache – Raw House

Top: Inked Mini – Aura

Bottom: Rory Leggings – PaperDoll

Shoes: Bilson Wedges – Haut Monde

Prop: Safe – Glitterati


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