Panda love….

Tyr is back at it again! So much yummeh goodness. There is not enough words to express what you will see here. Check it out for yourself.



Hair: Bed Head – Ploom (New)

Skin: Paige (Deep Tan) – Illusory

Shape: Roshan – Baby’s Got A Temper

Eyes: Grand Canyon – Poetic Colors

Eyeliner: Rock-n-Rolla (Oil Slick) – Grixdale (New)

Top: The Doll House – Grixdale (New)

Bottom: 723 Jeggins – Pink Outfitters

Bracelets: Wanderer Jewellery Set – League (FLF of last week)

Plushie: Mr. Soggy Bottom – Grixdale (New)

Shoes: Sparkle Splats – A.D.D. Andel

Prop: Sexy Sexin’ – Olive Juice


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