New skins from Grixdale

WARNING: Picture heavy

I am not your typical skin blogger. What I mean is, I don’t decipher every bit and piece of the skin. I won’t tell you what I don’t like of the skin, but I will tell you what I like. I also won’t sit here and take several naked pics of myself showing off all my worldly possessions. I do edit some of my photos but only so they don’t look too raw. I am a lover of Grixdale skins. And Tyr Rozenblum keeps dishing it out. *Round of applause* Tyr had already had the Teagan and Ren line out but has added more to them since they were debuted. Here is some of the info on the new skins:

“A bit of info about them, 900L per skin. They come with 2 brow shades, cleavage, freckles, hair base, and a brow shaper. I’m going to be including foot/skin matching cards for Pixelmode shoes and Maitreya as well.” This comes from Tyr Rozenblum herself. 🙂

These first two photos are Teagan 2 – Sugar – Faun

 Teagan 2 - Sugar - Finch

Teagan 2 - Sugar - Sparrow

Teagan 2 - Sugar - Burnt

Teagan 2 - Sugar - Draft

Teagan 2 - Sugar - Ripple

And now on to Ren 2.
Ren 2 - Honey - Aqua

Ren 2 - Honey - Petal

Ren 2 - Honey - Sparrow

Ren 2 - Honey - Clover

Ren 2 - Honey - Flame

Ren 2 - Honey - Posie

Ren 2 - Honey - Robin

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