Culture Shock

I am sure you all have been awaiting the new event named Culture Shock. I sure as hell have been! I was ever so delighted to be given a review for the CandyDoll skin Sabrina. I am wearing the Tanned version in these pics. I am also wearing an outfit from CandyDoll.


Hair: Derick – Cheerno

Eyes: Sweet Blue Eyes – CandyDoll (Item for Culture Shock)

Skin: Sabrina – CandyDoll (Item for Culture Shock)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Top: Stupid Top iShit – CandyDoll

Bottoms: Gusto Jeans – CandyDoll

Jewelry: Candy Ring – Yummy (At the Albero Gacha Festival)

Shoes: Sparkle Flats – A.D.D. Andel

Poses: Martyr


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