Sale at Pink Outfitters

So I went into Pink Outfitters to go shopping. (This is one of my other fave stores in SL.) I have been going a couple times this week actually. I just can’t seem to get away from the sales. But the main reason of this post is to let you know of the sale going on there. 50L for clothing? Come on how can you even resist that! And the fatpacks are lowered accordingly as well. But what sold me the most was walking in to see store owner and designer London Dailey. She was setting up more newness…..but get this……we were wearing the same exact outfit!!!! No we didn’t send each other IMs to find out what each was wearing. It was just like that, I walk in to see I am wearing the same exact thing! I love it haha.

Here is the store ad displaying all the info:

And here is a photo of London and I:

We are both wearing:

Tops: Liv Sequin Tank – Pink Outfitters

Bottoms: Venetia Leggings – Pink Outfitters.

(Both items are located upstairs in the New Release wall)


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