I really feel bad that I haven’t blogged in like a week. I have been so bombarded with school, work and home that my SL has taken a back burner. This semester I have 2 classes and they are so insane that I just get so tired I only log on SL for a mere hour at a time. This week I am going to try and catch up on blogging seeing as the reviews I receive have been filling up my inbox so I need to get on the ball. So lets get this started!

I am pairing up SLink wedges, Calico hair, My UglyDorothy skin, and Grixdale outfit. The wedges were a bit out of my budget but I know I will get a lot of use from them. I have a pair of wedges like them in RL just not in purple which I would love to have. The hair I saw in an ad and I loved how it looked. The bangs and few strands in the front are color change. So many colors to choose from. The skin is so smooth and looks so natural on my shape. My fave part is around the eyes. My outfit just feels so lived in. The top reminds me of summer and being by the beach. And the jeans accentuate all my curves! Look on for the pics!


Hair: Armenia – Calico Ingmann Creations

Skin: Luv Me – My UglyDorothy

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Shirt: Birds of A Feather – Grixdale (There are several colors to choose from)

Jeans: Lazy Sunday – Grixdale

Shoes: Mia Wedges – SLink (New and oh so lovely)


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