Feeling Cyber?

Well we were. We were out to channel our inner Tron heroes. I think we really did get close enough. For this shoot I decided why not a family photo? This is only a small portion of our SL family though. There are sooo many of us haha. But here goes. I do hope you enjoy.


On Elle (First solo pic)

Hair: c7 – Mirror

Skin: Eva Tan 12 – Glam Affair

Feather: Plumi – Mirror

Outfit: G237 Mainframe (Black & Red) – Graves

Shoes: G248 Mainframe Boots (Black & Red) – Graves

On Colorful (Second solo pic)

Hair: c14 – Mirror

Skin: Lucky – Wax Poetic

Outfit: G265 Mainframe (Black & Green) – Graves

Shoes: G289 Mainframe Boots (Black & Green) – Graves

On Haddazah (Third solo pic)

Hair: c13 – Mirror

Skin: Eva Medium Tan 12 – Glam Affair

Outfit: G209 Eclipse – Graves

Shoes: Frankenboots – Sn@tch

On Liane (Fourth solo pic)

Hair: C2 – Mirror

Skin: Ice Queen – Relentless Couture

Makeup Layer: Miss Vicious Eyeshadow –  [a.e.meth]

Outfit: G236 Mainframe (Black & Blue) – Graves

Shoes: G247 Mainframe Boots (Black & Blue) – Graves

Prop: Garage – Glitterati


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