We taking flight!

There are so many events going on and I know my pockets are coming up with lint haha.  Colorful and I have thrown many pieces from these different events. I hope you do enjoy!


On Liane

Hair: Sophie Coontail Edition – Magika (Project Fur Japan)

Skin: Help Japan – Bodyline (Help Japan Event)

Necklace: Ling Ling – LouLou&Co (Project Fur Japan)

Top: Sarah – [N’Soul]

Gloves: Enlace Moi – [Acide!]

Bottoms: Mitzi Shorts – Ingenue

Socks: Loose Socks – +mocha+

Shoes: Paquerette – Ingenue

On Colorful

Hair: Moon – Magika

Eyes: Cat – Odd Eye (Elm Green & Baby Blue)

Skin: Tokyo – Plastik (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)

Necklace: Pretty When You Cry – +>A&A<+

Tattoo: The Wired Garden – Garden of Ku

Bra: Gianetti – Intimates Freebie (Not sure if still available)

Top: Negligent Cardigan – WTW

Bottoms: Kimori Shorts – Pink Outfitters

Shoes: Extreme Red Heels – *UB*

Pose: Take Flight – {PHRESH} (Pose Fair)




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