Garden City Relief .:Somnia:.

It’s amazing to me how caring people in SecondLife can be. At any given time there’s got to be at least one kind of fundraiser going on for something happing in the world. And one truly disastrous thing that has occurred lately is the earthquakes in Christchurch NZ.

Top designers from all over SecondLife have donated items to the cause and when you buy them 100%, that’s right 100% of your L goes to the Garden City Relief.
You can find more info at the blog here Garden City Relief of Second Life

.:Somnia:. Is one of the many stores that were so kind to donate items to help out, Sanura Snowpaw, owner was also so nice as to send me the goodies to play with.

She has set out three items for the fair, Dramatic Star tops, Untamed Heart bra and panties set, and the Simple Cords pants. Of course they are all fantastic and they go great with the Exile Hope hair which is also available at the Garden City Relief and this free skin from Al Vulo available at their store if you join the group.
Because I don’t feel that my pictures do it justice I will also post the ads for her items available at Copley Square for the Garden City Relief.

You can find her items, the gorgeous hair, and ton’s more items here at Garden City Relief
The skin is available here Al VULO!
My shape is another custom from Daarc Dagger as Liane as mentioned her store several times but that’s because it’s awesome.


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